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    Neil Darbys

    Hello Team,

    I’m hoping you could look into another possible bug please. I’ve noticed that the header spacing the homepage is different to all the other pages across my website. I’ve gone through each page to check all the positions are the same (which they are), however when jumping from homepage to an alternative page you can clearly see the navigation bar position moving.

    Link to my website is here




    @neil-darbys : I checked your site and it looks like the header spacing is slightly different on other pages than the Homepage of your site. I checked the demo of the theme and I don’t seem to find any difference between the Homepage and other pages in terms of header spacing. Can you please try changing the dimensions of images that you have used on other pages with the same dimensions as that of Homepage and let me know.


    Neil Darbys

    Thanks for you reply. I’ve double checked everything and it is all symmetrical. Interestingly, I used copy/paste on the header from an alternative page and inserted it directly underneath the header on the homepage and even though the settings are the same, they show a different spacing alignment.

    I also took at look at your demo page and when going from the front page to the shop page, your navigation spacing does indeed change.

    What I have done is simply use copy/paste of the header so there a currently no variances on spacing when the settings fail to display correctly.



    I’ve got this kind of problem. On mobile device my header drops littlebit left when scrolling down. And in addition it looks like pages jump under heading when scrolling little bit lower. My page:

    Thanks for yous request.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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