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    Hi there,
    I’m having a kind of weird but basic problem and already tried everything to solve this issue.
    When I post something it goes to the main page (as I set it up latest post on the front page) but it’s not getting post on the section that I have on the menu. This happens with each new post I want to create. thus they don’t go to their respective category. How can I fix this? Also tried to set it up as a static front page and then link every single post to homepage, and no luck.
    So I just posted one entry and it should go to the Organic section, but when I click on organic the post is not there.
    Can anyone help me?


    @Greenmunchies: Sorry I don’t understand your question. Looks like your question is more about the post and categories.

    I see that you have added Page name “Organic” and you have category name “Organic” and I think you are confused with page and post.

    The new post that you have added in the Organic category will be visible in Organic category. See this . If you want to add this in menu. Then you can build custom menu from “Appearance => Menus” and add categories.


    Hi Sakin,
    I’ve been trying different approaches to solve my issue. The thing is that I’m a little bit confused. I understand that the post goes to the organic category. No issue with that. What I want is to have that “organic post, Fallon & Byrne) be posted on the menu “Organic”. Hence when you click on the Organic tab that post is going to be there and also on the main page (as I set it up, for showing my latest posts). So, how can I solve that? I want that on each tab (Food Matters, Recipes, etc). I’m going to post different content all the time and some of them needs to be under different tabs. That’s my issue.
    Can you help me with that?
    Thanks in advance!


    @Greenmunchies: That is what I mean. You need to build “Custom Menu” from “Appearance => Menus” and then add categories in your menu. See this on how to add custom menus

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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