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    I have followed the steps to add a gallery/portfolio to my page. I’ve edited and added the appropriate tabs that I want, but the same album shows for all my tabs.


    Is there a way to isolate certain images for certain tabs or to create a gallery for each tab?

    When I click on the second, third, and fourth tabs I created, there is no + sign in the bottom to add a new “masonry” block.


    For reference, when the Gallery/Portfolio block is added to my page, it says “This block contains unexpected or invalid content.” A button says “Attempt Block Recovery” and if I click the 3 little dots/menu next to it, I have the following three options: resolve, convert to html, convert to classic block.

    If I click on “attempt block recovery”, the gallery is inserted back into the block, however, when I click on the tabs, I can never get the underline on any tab other than the first in order to make changes to the additional tabs that are on the page.

    I have even removed the “tabs” block and added a new one. I can click on the + sign to add the masonry block, but when I attempt to click on tab 2, I can rename it, but I can’t get the underline to go over to that tab to allow me to design/create within that tab.


    @ccarnahan : I will check for the issue and get back to you soon.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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