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    Hi! I use several other Catch themes and love them. I just got this one and am having some trouble navigating the page setup like in the demo. Where am I missing the featured pages section, shown on the demo as “FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS” and “WORK SHOWCASE”?


    The same thing is called “FEATURED CONTENT”, for example, in other themes like Catch Full Frame


    Not that it matters, but here is site:

    Nilambar Sharma


    For Featured Highlights you would have to add Business Latest News Widget. For Work Showcase you would have to add Business Latest Works Widget. If you want to show content from pages, then you can use Business Special Pages Widget.



    I finally figured it out, thanks!


    I Have setting the Business Special Page Widget and it’s work correctly but the image not show on home page.

    How to show the image in front page area widget?

    The site is visible at url:

    Thanks in advanced


    Hello @w.berton,

    ‘Business Special Page Widget’ that you have set up on your homepage looks fine. Regarding your concern in image not appearing in front page area widget is due to the fact that the pages you have selected from select option as the backend Widget Area does not have it’s corresponding featured image uploaded.

    For e.g. the first box item is ‘Business Development’ which is also a separate page
    in your backend. Therefore, now edit this page and upload new image from ‘Featured Image’ section at the bottom right column. This image will then appear as a small thumbnail just above the excerpt content of your box. You can also choose thumbnail size from same particular Widget section.

    Likewise, repeat the same step for other two pages ‘Consultancy’ and ‘Design’ to upload the featured image. They will appear in corresponding box items as thumbnail.

    Let me know if you need any more help or if you are still getting trouble following my above instructions.

    Thank you.


    Hi. I Have edit the Business development page but I not found the “Featured Image” in the right columns.
    It’s a problem with the WordPress version?

    WordPress 4.3.1 con il tema WEN Business Pro


    Hi @w.berton, after looking in your image screenshot I found you have your ‘Featured Image’ option disabled on this page edit screen. You can simply enable this option by
    clicking ‘Screen Options’ on top right corner that would toggle a Panel that consist ‘Featured Image’ checkbox option.

    Now I hope this solution would help you resolve this problem. If still not, kindly write us back.



    Very very well!
    This resolve my problem. Thanks for you help!
    Good Job!

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