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    I bought Simple Persona Pro 5 days ago and got 1 year of support with it. When I’m logged in and I go to submit a support ticket I get message, “For premium/private support, you need to purchase membership.

    Here is a screen grab with the message:
    Message that says I need to buy Premium Support

    Screen grab of my receipt with order # and subscription #:
    order number and subscription number

    How can I submit a support ticket?



    gmcd – I think you are confusing two different things.

    The free support (included in your theme purchase) is via the support forum for the pro version.
    (That is, where you have posted).

    The PREMIUM support is available at an additional cost, see

    No doubt your follow up question is “Then what’s the difference between their support for free and pro versions?”

    In my experience it seems that:
    – Requests in the Pro support forum appear to be handled as a priority, before those in the free support forum.
    – Answers and assistance available in the Pro support forum is generally more detailed After all, Catch want you to get the best from your paid-for theme; and are happy to do that. I’ve always been impressed by their support via the forum.



    @gmcd: Thank for the reply Michael.

    Yes you can always posts in our Support Forum for any issue you have.

    Premium Support is for:
    If your issue is highly urgent and if you have not been able to solve it through above mentioned services, you can send us a Support Ticket, which will serve as your final resort for problem solving.

    If your issue is normal you can always post in our support forum and we will get back to you within 24hrs.

    Kind Regards,


    Oh, okay. I thought with the purchase of the pro template that you get 1 year of actual support (like just about every other company that sells themes offers), not just the ability to post on a forum that anyone can post on.

    My misunderstanding. I should read more thoroughly before buying.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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