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    I changed the color of all elements of the theme including the site background. This has caused the space between the “Footer Menu” and the “Homepage Featured Content Options” to be white and the “top border” of the “Footer Menu” to remain BLUE, the default color of the theme.

    I am using following colors:

    Default Color Scheme: Light

    Menus Color Options:

    Footer Menu Color Options:

    Menu Background Color: #84927D
    Menu Text Color: #fff
    Menu Hover & Active Background Color: #3F532B
    Menu Hover & Active Text Color: #fff
    Sub-Menu Background Color: #84927D
    Sub-Menu Text Color: #fff

    The same color options are used for the Primary and the Secondary Menus.

    Slider Color Options:

    Slider Background Color: #9aaa92
    Slider Border Bottom Color: #9aaa92
    Slider Controller Background Color: #21759b
    Slider Controller Arrow Color: #fff
    Slider Content Background Color: #21759b
    Slider Content Text Color: #fff

    Site Color Options:

    Custom Background Color: #d1c5a1
    Header Background Color: #9aaa92
    Content Background Color: #9aaa92
    Footer Background Sidebar Color: #9aaa92
    Footer Background Color: #9aaa92
    Title Color: #222
    Title Hover Color: #e6e8ea
    Meta Description Color: #757575
    Text Color: #404040
    Link Color: #84927D
    Sidebar Widget Title Color: #404040
    Sidebar Widget Text Color: #600606
    Sidebar Widget Link Color: #757575
    Scroll Up Background Color: #000
    Scroll Up Text Color: #fff

    I do not see how to attach the image of the homepage to this forum. To see the issue I am including my development web site address dev.qualityitgroup.com

    I would appreciate to let me know how to resolve this issue without modifying code.

    Thank you,



    @Zia: Try adding in the following css in “Appearance => Theme Options => Custom CSS” box:

    #main {
        height: 1%;
        overflow: hidden;
    #colophon {
        border-color: #9aaa92;

    Your piece of code fixed the issue. Thank you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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