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    Hi Sakin,

    Is there an easy way to upgrade our website ( from Catch Everest to Catch Everest Pro without having to re-configure everything (header, custom css, etc.)?



    I just uploaded the pro theme and updated my child theme to point to catch-everest-pro. Seems like everything remained (header, custom css, etc.)… except for the background. The background changed to the default background and I cannot change it to a custom color. I would like it to be white, #ffffff, but when I enter that in the custom background page, the preview is good white but I click save and the background is still the default.

    Any ideas?


    Ok third time is the charm…

    So I activated the Catch Everest Pro theme and then re-activated my child theme and now I can change the background.

    When doing that I also gained access to the new pro features.

    So for anyone using a child theme trying to upgrade from Catch Everest to Catch Everest Pro, upload the Catch Everest Pro theme, activate it, then re-activate your child theme and update your child theme to pull the Style.css from the Catch Everest Pro.

    That is it!


    @neh: Great. Thanks for your recommendation.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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