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    First of all, your Catch-Responsive Theme is really amazing and I really enjoy using it for my website http://www.rolot.be/
    However part of my colleagues don’t feel comfortable with English. This convinced me to dig into the .po files directory. I found a fr_FR.po file which can be used as a base, but is full of mistakes. It looks like it was translated with a robot. Never mind.
    As mentioned in one of your post, I did download and install the poEdit tool. And I spend some time to translate into belgian French, which is quite similar to French French. The only difference I see concerns the Phone. A cell phone is a “GSM” in Belgium, and is a “Mobile” in France (the i is pronounced e and not i). Why this difference? No clue! For the rest, the translation can be used for both fr-BE and fr-FR.
    Now, my questions:
    How can I send you my fr_BE.po (and fr_BE.mo) file(s)?
    And what’s your review process in order to validate my contribution?
    Or, is there a mean to test in myself on my test platform (MAMP, localhost)? And later online?
    Thanks for reading me. Looking for your support.


    @philzeweb: You can send the fr_BE.po file to our email, info [at] catchthemes [dot] com. And we’ll contact you for further details. We really appreciate it.
    Yes, you can test on localhost, put the fr_BE.po and fr_BE.mo files into themes languages folder and go to settings and change the language to Français de Belgique and you are good to go.
    Hope this helps.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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