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    I’m using the plugin Doc It from Slickremix.com to make a knowledgebase. In other themes the plugin shows correctly, but in the Catchbox free theme there are some problems when I’m using the JetPack social buttons plugin.

    I hope you can help me, because I’ve put a lot of man hours to adapt your theme at my demands and I don’t want to change to another theme.

    The problem I’m talking about is shown on my test site:
    introduction page: http://www.picture4you.nl/test/kennisbank-test/
    category page: http://www.picture4you.nl/test/docs/kennisbank-test/basiskennis/

    Here are some images to show exactly what the problem is:

    I hope you can help me!

    Greetings Manfred


    @manfred: This is not a theme issue but two plugin conflict. There is conflict between Jetpack plugin css and Slick-doc-it plugin css.

    For example your social links width padding is overwritten by Slick-doc-it plugin css. So, you need to do force padding by adding the following css in “Appearance => theme Options => Custom CSS” box.

    .sd-social-icon-text a.sd-button > span, a.sd-button > span {
        padding: 1px 5px 1px 23px !important;

    Next for the page http://www.picture4you.nl/test/kennisbank-test/, I recommend you to remove the first social link from the top and just add in below only. Again there is conflict between two plugins. So, try adding the following css “Appearance => theme Options => Custom CSS” box to force fix it.

    #primary #content .sharedaddy {
        clear: left;
        display: block;
        float: left;
        width: 61%;

    Hi sakin,

    Thank for your quick reaction. I’ve put both CSS text in the custom CSS box of my theme. There is a change, but not what I wanted.

    I didn’t understand what you mean by: “I recommend you to remove the first social link from the top and just add in below only”.

    Can you explain what I must do?

    Thank you!


    @manfred: I see that you have already remove the social icons from the top and our http://www.picture4you.nl/test/kennisbank-test/ is working fine.

    About your second url http://www.picture4you.nl/test/docs/kennisbank-test/basiskennis/, this has lot of css overwriting from http://www.picture4you.nl/test/wp-content/plugins/slick-doc-it/css/styles.css. This plugin css is full problematic. Can you work on other plugin or ask this plugin author support forum about the css conflict.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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