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    I am creating an extranet wordpress site, when you come back to me with a response I will share a URL an login for the site so you can see the issue I am having. When I view and use my site on an iPad the navigation bar is quirky. when I click on a menu item on the home menu, if the menu option has sub pages underneath it the menu expands and when I try to click on one of the sub pages, the screen select a link underneath that menu option. For instance if I am on the home page, the home menu option expands I try to select on of the categories but since it is hanging over the slider box it select the story in the slider box and not the menu item. I was wondering if it would help if I bought one of the paid themes that you offer (simple, responsive, pro) or if I can get the free version of your theme to work on the iPad platform. Can someone help me out with this issue I am having, thanks a lot – Michelle


    @msternkopf: Yes Michelle, I just got your query forwarded to me from Sangeeta. Then I check in the site URL you have send to her.

    Looks like there is conflict with the plugins that you are using. So, try disabling plugin one by one and then check in your iPad.

    If you want us to check it for you then you can send your site Admin access to Sangeeta.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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