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    I was under the impression that there isn’t a menu/drop down button limit in the Pro version (part of the reason I updated to pro.)

    I recently installed my pro version, and all of the menu navigation stopped working correctly. Then I went into Customize > Navigation- and assigned the correct navigation menus. Which seemed to make it work.

    Then I realized that a few of my pages were missing from the menu, and now, it’s not working again. Is there a limit? Or is there some sort of bug.

    My site is:

    I’d send you a screen grab too if you need. Thanks,




    After experimenting with this, there seems to be a glitch.

    If I add the total pages I want in the menu; then save it– it breaks the nav on the homepage (even after previously assigning which navigation menu I want).

    BUT I noticed that, after adding the total pages in the ‘Menus’ page, then saving it and THEN going to the Customize page… my previously assigned menu structure was no longer there.

    After REASSIGNING the correct navigation menu again in the Appearance > Customize > Navigation… it worked again.

    I guess that’s a workaround (and I seem to be able to have the total amount of pages I would like…) But I’m wondering if this is how you intend it to work.

    Any info at your convenience would be great.

    S Bartsch


    @sbartsch: Custom Menu featured in “Appearance => Menus” is fully controlled by WordPress default. We haven’t change anything. I don’t think there is page limit for menu, you can just add any number of pages in Menus and then save your menu and then assign your menu location from “Appearance => Menus => manage Locations”.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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