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    Hi there!

    I updated my site to PRO Version, and now I have two Problems:

    1) When I upload Pictures, they won’t show in the front end.
    (The file permissions on the FTP is 777)

    2) On my startpage is showen “Blog”, like the “category description”.
    But the “category description” is emty.
    I will not have this text.

    Pls help me.

    Page is:

    Best regards


    1. You shouldn’t use 777 file permission. Your site might get hacked. For file permission check out

    2. I don’t get it which images are you taking about. Did you upload the image using Add Media in your post and then added in your content. Also did you set image as Featured Image in your post. For Featured Image, check this

    3. I don’t see any category description. Are you talking about the “Blog” page title. You can hide that by adding in the following css in “Appearance => Theme Options => Custom CSS” box:
    .home #content .page-header { display: none; }


    1) OK

    2) I have problems with every image upload!
    I tried to upload it by “Add Media”, but it didnt work.
    My Add Media is completly empty right now.

    Only the images which were on the kat. free version, are still on the page. But (right now) not show in the Add Media.

    I dont know what to do…

    3) Yes, i meant that.
    .home #content .page-header { display: none; }
    the code is working, thanks for that!


    @ADN: Maybe you have just updated plugin or add new plugin. It looks like plugin conflict. Please check in my disabling plugin one by one. Also can you activate free version and try upload now. As we don’t have any issue in the pro version.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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