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    I am trying to change “Leave a Comment” and comments texts to turkish. I changed comments.php like this

    <?php // You can start editing here — including this comment!
    if ( have_comments() ): ?>
    <div id=”comments”>
    <h2 id=”comments-title”>
    <?php comments_number(__( ‘Yorum Yok’, ‘simplecatch’ ), __( ‘1 Yorum’, ‘simplecatch’ ), __( ‘% Yorum’, ‘simplecatch’ ) );?>
    </h2><!– #comments –>

    by this way i changed the comment sending area but upper preview of posts stayed “comment” also i found “leave a comment” part in “simplecatch_functions.php” but when i edit it php goes blank. i cannot edit anything in simplecatch_functions.php

    please, i need help?


    @Melih: You shouldn’t edit any core theme files like this. You can contribute Turkish translation of Simple Catch Theme and then we will add it in new version update.

    For that you can just download the poedit software from http://poedit.net/ and then take the file simplecatch.pot in the theme languages directory and generate tr.mo and tr.po files. You can also refer to other language translation for your reference.


    thanks. i’ll do that.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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