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    Hello, I have the free version of this Template. I’m trying to add a new page, which I did, and to edit that page, I went to Appearance > Customize > Pages, and Added a New Page.

    It then said to edit the blocks, I had to edit the template. But in doing so, every time I add a new page they all look the same, and if I edit one, it affects all of them.

    How do I edit the page itself, and not the template?

    Thank you for reading!


    Hello Buddazero,

    Sure, I’d love to help out! Could you send over your website’s link? We have a couple of different versions of the Fotografie Theme, and I’m not quite sure which one you’re using. Sharing your site’s URL would make it easier for me to give you the right assistance.


    It seems you’ve created/edited a page template instead of a standard page. To edit the content of a specific page, simply go to Dashboard > Pages, and select ‘Edit’ on the page you wish to update.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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