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    Hi!Can you give me more information about changing the size and color of my comment box. The default one is too big for me, I want it smaller and I want to change the color from grey to white.Thanks.


    @Bazil Guerrero: Which section of the comment box are you talking about. If you are talking about comment area then add the following in the “Custom CSS” box in Theme Options panel. Change the color code as per your need.

    /* For Background Color */
    #respond { background-color: #cccccc; }

    /* For Textarea height control */
    #respond textarea { max-height: 150px; }


    I’m talking about background color.

    Thank you very much for the attention but that didn’t work.

    Maybe it’s something in the style.css

    Any ideas?


    @Bazil Guerrero: Yes I have you code for background color but you need to add that in “Custom CSS” box in Theme Options panel not in style.css.

    Can you send me your site URL and I will see it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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