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    Marcel Kneuer

    FSE is confusing me a litte bit about the Frontpage / Homepage. Ok, I created a page called “Home”, used the “frontpage”-tepmplate and mad it as a static homepage. But where do I now work? It seems that I have to change things in the frontpage-template and not in the Page called “home”.  Is this right? Because I didn’t found anything in the web and your video also says nothing about it.

    For the other pages and posts it is clear that I#m not working in the template, but the frontpage seems to be special. Or is this wrong and I have to empty the frontpage template and work in the page called “home”?


    Hi Marcel,

    Did you assign your page “Home” template as “Front Page”, it’s mentioned in the video as well. See it at

    See this screenshot for page template

    Once, you set the page template as “Front Page”, you will see the site like a demo site and you can edit it accordingly.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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