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    Hi team,

    I’m using the photography free theme and yoest seo.

    When I post a blog post from my homepage on Facbook, the blog image is never displayed.

    Tested three blog posts, never a picture is displayed on Facebook.
    With other links to my homepage the images are displayed.

    I tested the homepage from my wife the same way and there the image display works.
    So I think it is related to the theme. This is different from my wife.

    On Facebook my homepage is verified. Open graphik is active. Facebook Debugger does not show an error, but it also does not show a picture.

    I hope someone of you can help me!


    Hi MichaelN,

    You can debug your site from Facebook Developer Tool at When I check your homepage it shows but not on the blog page. It’s a strange issue. You are using an open graph from Yoast SEO. So, can you try asking on their support forum as we are not aware of these kinds of issues?

    When I debug your post it says “The following required properties are missing: fb:app_id”. So, maybe this article will help you create an app and app id



    Hi Sakin,

    many thanks for your fast respons and your idea to solve my issue.

    I used the time and checked out that Facebook Debugger message. I installed an additional plugin and activated it. The Debbuger message disappears, but the image was again not shown after the new scrap.

    Open graph is active on Yoast SEO.

    I contacted you because we are using simmilar plugins on my wifes homepage. At your side the pictures were shown at the Facebook post. The biggest and more less only difference is another theme. So I thought maybe it the theme!?

    What do you think, could it be an option to test the Fotografy PRO theme?

    Many thanks again,


    Hi Sakin,

    my last test fixed my issue!

    I deactivated Open Graph on Yoast SEO and Facebook is showing my image.
    Seems it was Yoast!?

    But not logic for my understanding.

    Thanks, Michael

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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