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    How do I change the 3 predefined pictures in the slider on the front page? And how do I change the text?


    @Dennis Lynge Nielsen: I see that you are using Catch Kathmandu Free theme and the images that you are seeing is the demo Featured Slider.

    To change the Featured Slider image and text
    1. First you need to create post and add featured image in post. As the slider takes the Featured Image, title and excerpt content of the post.
    2. Then go to “Appearance => Theme Options => Featured Slider” in your WordPress Dashboard
    3. Under Slider Options select Slider Type as “Featured Post Slider” if you want to add in the post ID. Or you can select type as “Category Slider” if you want to show the latest post from particular category.
    4. If you choose “Featured Post Slider” then under Featured Post Slider Options, simply insert the ID numbers for Posts in the boxes, one Post ID number in each box. Or if you choose “Category Slider” then under Featured Category Slider Options, select the category.
    5. Then click on “Save Changes”

    Settings Featured Image: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/548594798329948788/
    Setting Post ID: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/548594798329984427/

    But in Catch Kathmandu Pro, you have independent Featured Image Slider and Page Slider as extra slider type.

    For more details view theme instruction
    Catch Kathmandu Free Version: http://catchthemes.com/theme-instructions/catch-kathmandu/
    Catch Kathmandu Pro Version: http://catchthemes.com/theme-instructions/catch-kathmandu-pro/



    For me its not very clear still..I´ve been trying to do this for a few hours, I follow the size of the image as explained on ur website and I also found that the images that came as sample have different size I believe…I tried images

    1280 x 550

    1280 x 600

    an none of them worked…Im fixing in photoshop and they are jpg images, what I could be possibly doing wrong?




    @joaobruch: Post in your site URL. I have given you clear instruction that you need to Create Post and then add Featured Image in your post. You can check this video on hoe to add featured image in your post http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KEsCtRb-S8

    Then you can setup the slider from “Appearance => Theme Options => Featured Slider”. So, can you tell me where did you set stuck in?


    @Sakin: Hello my friend, Yes Indeed you were enough clear. The Problem was the piece in front of the computer, myself.

    As I am new in the WordPress world I will let you and others who may need help what I did wrong and how I fixed:

    First of all I set up my pictures for 1280 x 550 as mentioned in the instructions for the theme. Problem was I was unfamiliar with this ¨feature image¨ stuff, and english is also not my first lenguage. So I was adding the picture in the body of the text(of the post) so the picture wasnt loading. Now I understand there is a button on the right side a bit down that says feature Image, and That is the place where the image should be put.

    And its working fine.

    Thanks for your help and the great theme. hope my difficulties will help others!



    @joaobruch: Thanks and that is why I shared with you the Youtube video showing how to add Featured Image. Happy that it worked for you.


    Hi, I am also trying to change the slider images on the front page of my new site: http://familyrhythms.ca/

    I don’t actually have this sequence available: Appearance => Theme Options => Featured Slider

    What I have off my dashboard is: Appearance => Theme Options => a list of items appears including “Header Featured Image Options” and “Content Featured Image Options”…

    When I go into either of those, I don’t see the options clearly that you suggest. I did manage to add a featured image to a post and it shows up on the ‘individual counselling’ post. But I can’t seem to change the images on the homepage.

    I’d like all the images on the front page to be replaced.

    Please advise…

    Thank you


    hi angela,

    I was also looking in the wrong place, there more then one menu, u are looking on the vertical one there is a horizontal one, slider settings are just below the green button DONATE IT see if u find..


    lol. Thank you. Works perfectly. 🙂


    I purchased WPML (3.1.5b2) and Kathmandu Catch Pro (2.9) for the site http://www.pianedienea.it/home/
    There is a problem with the ‘Featured Posts Slider’.
    I have created the post 84 and 91 in Italian, the relevant post in English (using WPML) are 88 and 96.
    I’m trying to create the slider images on the home page but the posts are not to be published (in the home). I selected “Exclude from Homepage Slider post posts? YES “, but if I insert in:
    Featured Posts Slider # 1 84
    Featured Posts Slider # 2 91
    then http://www.pianedienea.it/home/ ok (there are not posts on the home)
    but in http://www.pianedienea.it/home/en/ I see post and images on the home page!

    If I insert
    Featured Posts Slider # 1 88
    Featured Posts Slider # 2 96
    Then http://www.pianedienea.it/home/en/ ok (there are not posts on the home)
    but in http://www.pianedienea.it/home/ I see post and images on the home page!

    How can I fix the problem?
    Thanks Ps this support request has been sent to both WPML and both Catck Themes, quallcuno hoping that will solve my problem as soon as possible.


    @mcevolution: Sorry I am bit confused as when I check in your site I see that you are using Featured Image Slider and talking about Post Slider. So when you add in the featured image slider why do you need to exclude the post from homepage.


    you’re right, I did a test. I tried to use ‘image slider’ (to see if it worked better than ‘post slidere’), but without success, the ‘Title’ and ‘Content’ of the images are not translated or rather I do not know how to translate them!
    Now I have again set of ‘Post Slider’ and you can control. thanks


    @Mark: For that I guess you need to go String Translation http://wpml.org/documentation/getting-started-guide/string-translation/

    bismark paul

    good afternoon @Mark wanted to make a query, my entries slider gives them a default link, but do not want you to have such link. As I can remove the link?

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