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    I have a clients website http://www.homesbyholmes.com and the cells do NOT show up properly on Smart TV’s, I have had my client try 3 different TV’s and they all have the same problem when viewing any of the LISTINGS on this page http://www.homesbyholmes.com/our-listings/. I have other client sites with the same Catch Theme (PRO) and also the plugins and they look fine but not the website above, cells are off to the left, right etc. compared to a pc or smart phone.

    Also in a single row using the Site Origin Page Builder using one cell the image uses the full witch of a Smart Phone where on a pc the photo is the same size as the other photos. If I use 2 cells on a row the problem goes away but the single photo is not centered like I want it, if I go to 2 cells and put the image in the middle sell the problem comes back, is this a theme or plugin issue with Site Origin Page Builder?

    Anyone’s help would be much appreciate and I would be will to pay for anything that resolves my issue

    My email is – [email protected]
    Phone – 519.504.8300

    Thanks in advance,

    Glen Hacker


    Hi @glen,

    Can you check the demo at https://catchthemes.com/demo/catch-base is tv and see if problem persists there?

    Also, how are the listings page genetated? If it is via plugin, then you will need to contact their forum.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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