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    I am using Catch Everest for my site with the Polylang plugin.
    I can’t seam to be able to translate the homepage with the theme’s version that I am using. Is there an easy fix?
    Thanks for helping.


    @Joseph Bodywork: For multi-language plugin like Polylang and WMPL, you need to upgrade to Pro version. Catch Everest Free theme is not yet Polylang plugin ready, only Catch Everest Pro is ready.


    Thank you Sakin.
    I did upgrade to Catch Everest Pro and still the problem persists. I am not able to translate the homepage in the different languages. The theme options don’t allow me to change homepage headline, featured content tiles and content etc etc in the appropriate language. What shall I do?


    Hi Sakin, were you able to find out why I can’t translate my homepage even though I upgraded to Pro as you recommended?


    @Joseph Bodywork: So, what’s not working. Did you add your language from “Settings => Languages”. In Catch Everest Pro theme, we have wpml-config.xml file. So, you can go to “Settings => Languages => Strings Translation”

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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