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    How can i change the tiger pictures to my own ?
    Do you have a video explaining ?


    Manish Suwal


    Tiger pictures are in the slider. For you to change that, you’ll need to go to “Appearance => Theme Options => Featured Slider”

    There in the “Select Slider Type”, you can see Demo Slider selected. There are 4 other options available. Choose any one of them.

    If you don’t want the slider than below it in the “Enable Slider” section, check on Disable

    If this is unclear, I’ll create a video explaining it. Please let me know. I’ll be creating video regardless of this but might take some time. So, if the instructions above are unclear, let me know so that I’ll create a video quickly.

    Thank you!


    I dont the option that says image slider , only 3 (Demo , post and category slider) its missing the image slider like you show in the picture.

    Manish Suwal

    It seems that you’re using the free version of the Adventurous theme. As far as my knowledge is concerned, only the pro version has 4th option.

    Since you have posted your query in the Adventurous Pro forum section, I thought you were using the Adventurous Pro theme.

    Anyway, the whole point of the above comment was to explain you how to remove the default Tiger image, which you can accomplish by unselecting the Demo option.


    @thor: Yes, if you are using Adventurous Pro theme then you will get option to use “Featured Image Slider, Post Slider, Page Slider and Category Slider. But if you are using Free version then you only have option to use Featured Post Slider and Featured Category Slider.

    Yes, we have video screencast for Featured Post Slider:
    and Featured Image Slider:

    For more check out theme instructions page at:
    Adventurous Theme:
    Adventurous Pro Theme:

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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