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    My website is

    1. The bullets/ lists through out the site are a light grey which makes them hard to see. How do I change the bullets through out the website?

    2. The social icons that are at the top of the page are in a grey scale and then turn color when you hover. I would like to have them in color and then pop-out when I hover over them. Is this possible?



    1. You can change the color code in the following css and then add it in “Appearance => Theme Options => Custom CSS” box:

    #main ul {
        color: #000;
        list-style: outside none disc;

    2. You can add the following css in “Appearance => Theme Options => Custom CSS” box:

    /* Make Social Icons Color by Default */ li.facebook a {
        background-position: 0 -43px;
    } li.linkedin a {
        background-position: -603px -43px;
    } li.pinterest a {
        background-position: -216px -43px;
    } a {
        background-position: -87px -43px;
    } a {
        background-position: -1119px -43px;

    The social icon worked great! Thank you. For the bullets can I change the color, but not change the bullets to dots?


    Sorry that is image so cannot change that image color. You can only change the bullet style to disc or square or circle


    If you want black arrow for white screen then you can add the following:

    #main ul {
        list-style: outside url("") disc;

    That looks a lot better. Thanks.


    Good day, I tried to add Sakins’ code for changing the social media icons colors for the Catch Flames theme and it did not work.
    /* Make Social Icons Color by Default */

    Any feedback would be appreciated. I added it to the Custom CSS section. I also have other CSS code there to tweak the website.
    I realize that the theme is using one png image for the social media icons.
    It would be nice to have them stand out more and not be so grey and dull on the page. Thanks in advance.


    @Karlopa: This is Simple Catch Pro theme support forum and the CSS given above will only work in Simple Catch Pro theme. For Catch Flames theme, you need to post in Catch Flames support forum at

    You cannot change the color of social icons, it can me either grey or original color. If you want always original color then you can add the css like following which will make facebook, twitter and google plus color with original brand color.

    .social-profile ul li.facebook a { background-position: 0 -44px; }
    .social-profile ul li.twitter a { background-position: -44px -44px; }
    .social-profile ul a { background-position: -528px 0; }

    Fore more please post in Catch Flames support forum.


    The CSS that you send me a while back worked great for the social icon, but now I have added more icons. How do I get the new ones to not be in gray scale. I added twitter and google+. Thank you.


    Yes sure, you can add the following css in “Appearance => Theme Options => Custom CSS” box: li.twitter a {
        background-position: -44px -43px;
    } a {
        background-position: -173px -43px;
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