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    I am trying to put social links on my main menu in the header. I have the links showing up, but cannot link them to anything.

    Within the Clean Enterprise customization I navigated here: Customize>Menus>Main Menu

    Here I clicked on <Social on Primary Menu>. That immediately puts a series of link symbols on the main menu. I have searched for probably an hour to find where to add in links like Twitter, LinkedIn, FB, etc to show in those links. Nothing seems to be available. I can do a Custom Link on the Main Menu, for example, LinkedIn, but it does not provide an icon, nor is it part of the Social Menu. Very confusing.

    I should add that when I click on one of the links, it will take me to a different page on my site. For example, my about page, or my contact page. I did not add those links to the graphic.

    Is this only available in the Pro version of Clean Enterprise?


    Hi @michaeldmullen,

    It is available in free version as well but you will need to assign the menu for social menu. Then only, the icons will show up.

    1. Create a menu
    2. Add social links to menu using custom links, eg:
    3. Assign that menu to social menu in Appearance=> Customize=> Menus=> View All locations=> Social on Primary Menu

    Then the icons should come up.

    If they still don’t show up, please post in your site url.


    Beautiful, thank you so much.


    Awesome. Glad it worked out.

    If you liked our theme and support, please considering leaving us a review at

    A one liner will be enough.

    Thanking you in advance.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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