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    I recently updated 4.5.5. Although the site is working fine and in the WP themes it indicates 4.5.5 is installed, it is requesting that I “activate” the theme, when I enter the registration code, it says activation failed. The registration is valid, so what is the problem?

    Also, I checked the change logs and the last couple of updates have been few and far between and their substance is nominal offering no site improvements that I can see. Please clarify if you are still supporting the theme and if you intend to make any material upgrades in the future.

    Thank you


    Hello Edwin,

    We support the Adventurous Pro theme. We have been supporting all our old themes. We fixed all the issues mentioned and also kept updated as needed. So, if you have any issues then we will update it accordingly.

    Yes, the last few updates are only minimal and require fixes. This theme is already solid after a lot of fixes in the past.

    Do you mean the license activation issue on your site? Our server shows that you have activated the license key on your site successfully. So, I need to check your screenshot, which you can reply in email.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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