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    I am using an SEO checker and it is claiming I have 3 images with missing alt attributes. Is this because of the theme itself loading the logo and other media? I searched my pages (not blogs) and all have alternate attributes.m What could be causing this flag?

    Also, Is this theme just .CSS hungry? I deactivated all the plugins and I still receive a report of 10+ CSS and JS files loading at initial sever request.

    I am at .41 page response but is this possible hungry theme is keeping us a little slow?

    Love the theme and have optimized it as best as I believe we can. Maybe I am missing something. Is there a particular file you recommend unloading from the theme at the initial load?

    Not complaining. Just curious about the 3 alt images, CSS, and JS files.

    Thanks for the beautiful theme!


    @gimpy: Hello there,
    Can you let me know which SEO Checker you are using To perform the test?

    Kind Regards,


    I am getting the same on a 3 different SEOs. The one I would advise to check with is SEObility.

    Again, not a super big drawback as the site is loading fast enough but, but I would like to pin down these images with missing attributes.

    Also, I can open a separate ticket for it if I need to. The theme will not update via the WordPress update portal. 2.2 installed. Not updating to 2.3.

    Thank you for your time!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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