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    Running lates WP with theme version 3,2 on fleksjobbernetvaerket.dk

    1) is it possible to change to another PRO theme, with purchase a new, if you aleady purchased one, or do you start all over?

    2) We purchased this ‘upgrade’ opportunity for a year. Is it possible to take a break for this, and come back lets sat 1½ later and start paying again?

    3) I’m not satisfied with the way the website acts or look. I wanna change a lot of it. However, I dont want to let people see I’m changing the site before I’ve done it. Can I somehow make “the new site” and when done, then put it live?


    1. You can exchange within 15 days of purchase. But it depends and you need to contact our sales for more details at https://catchthemes.com/contact-us/

    2. Yes, you can take a break and resume any day you like.

    3. If you have server like WPEngine.com, then you can do one click Staging and live version of your site. So, you can make change in our staging sever and just click on live to make that changes in your live site. But if your server doesn’t have Staging features. Then you need to work locally and then upload changes.



    1) Thanks
    2) Totally awesome!!!!
    3) Hmmm … thanks


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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