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    Is there a way to add code that limits the number of thumbnails created when uploading an image?

    I don’t really understand how WordPress delivers images, so how many sizes I really need. For example, do I need images smaller than a 200×200 thumbnail for anything? I never upsize images because they look crappy, so I don’t need anything that creates a thumbnail larger than my original. Nor do I want anything cropped. If I want a particular cropped size, I will do that manually. But do I need proportionally smaller images for better delivery?

    What I know I need beyond my original full-size image are:
    200×200 thumbnail
    400×400 (max for each side, so proportional)
    400×600 (max for each side, proportional)
    Beyond that, is there something I need for fast, smooth delivery?
    What does Catch Gallery need to work well?

    I’ve tried using Stop Generating Unnecessary Thumbnails. For awhile that worked really well, but now it is creating all sorts of weird stuff and something is blocking the plugin dashboard so I can’t change it (I have deactivated it now). These are examples of the weird sizes I am getting:
    Image 1: 40×40, 100×100, 197×197, 200×133, 200×200, 350×233, 400×267, 528×297, 860×484, 1200×514
    Image 2: 40×40, 100×100, 197×197, 200×150, 200×200, 350×263, 400×300, 528×297, 860×484, 1200×514

    I have more than 20,000 images on my website (I’m a photographer), so all of these extra sizes are creating a major inodes problem.



    @thetravelgal: Hello Cindy,
    Can you please let me know which sections you are using so that I can provide you the Code to remove the image size that are not being used?

    That may help you out a bit.
    Kind Regards,


    I don’t think I need or want the theme to create any thumbnails.

    I can generate the 200×200 thumbnails I’m using for the featured content through WordPress. I can also get a few intermediate sizes I use through WordPress sizes. Anything else that needs to be an odd size is properly sized before uploading.


    Any thoughts on this? I’d like to try just using the thumbnails generated by WordPress. If I find there is something I can’t address that way, then I can look at that issue separately.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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