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    Hello team,

    In Threaders pro I tried to make a “latest from the editorial” like in Threadwares corporate.
    After several hours I did not succeed using the pattern.
    I need four columns with an image in the “latest from the editorial”.
    Maybe its is something simple that I don’t see.

    Related question: Is Threadwaers corporate an different theme from Threadwaers Pro?

    Thank you in advance.

    Kind regards

    Hans Hagmeijer


    @HansH: You should follow the following steps for the columns to the ‘latest from the editorial’.

    i. Go to the patterns folder of the theme file, there you will find ‘latest-posts.php’.
    ii. Inside the file you will find wp:query “perPage” :3 (i.e. default), please make it 4 or 5 as your site requires.
    iii. Then go to the browser  login to your admin section, Go to Appearance => Site Editor
    iv. Now you  will need to click on the list view icon(three horizontal lines)
    iv. Select the ‘latest from the editorial pattern’ where you will need to click Qurey Loop => Post Template
    v. There on the right side you will find the columns field  where you can set the columns to 4 or 5 as you want
    (Please view the attached image for detailed information)


    Threadwears Corporate is also the same Threadwears Pro theme. It’s just one of the variations of threadwears pro that one can use as per as their requirements.




    Hello Sujapati,

    Before you try to answer my today’s reaction: I installed the theme again; installed woocommerce and make the website again.
    With this message I try to prevent you do work for nothing.
    If problems stay, I let you know.

    Kind regards

    Hans Hagmeijer

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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