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    on my site
    there is a clickable image with different sections: “Cranio-Karin”, “Babys”, “Kinder” and so on…
    I want to remove the left and right margin, so that the image is all over from left to the right (like the menu above).
    what can I do?
    Thank you!

    this is the code:

    <map name=”my-image-map”>
    responsive image with clickable areas

    <area alt=”Startseite” coords=”0,0,599,105″ title=”Startseite” href=”; shape=”rect”>
    <area alt=”BABY Cranio-Sacral” coords=”0,106,119,576″ title=”BABY Cranio-Sacral” href=”; shape=”rect”>
    <area alt=”KINDER Cranio-Sacral” coords=”120,106,239,576″ title=”KINDER Cranio-Sacral” href=”; shape=”rect”>


    @karateclubliesing: Hello there,
    I am afraid that is not possible because the screenshot you posted is an image itself and it cannot be changed using CSS Code.

    Kind Regards,


    Why not?
    When I use this image as HEADER-IMAGE it is all over from left to the right (like the menu).
    So when the HEADER-IMAGE can do this, it must also be possible for a image in the body…

    There must bei a possibility, like margin-left: -40px or something like that…

    thank you in advance!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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