Catch Shop Dark

Catch Shop Dark is a dark and elegant eCommerce WordPress theme that comes with an aesthetic Dark design and crucial features. It is available for absolutely free. The theme is ideal for all kinds of eCommerce businesses and online stores. It is a child theme of Catch Shop, a multipurpose eCommerce WordPress theme. This theme is for all levels of business owners, from startups to professionals. The dark design in Catch Shop Dark makes your website elegant, bold, and visually aesthetic. It is an ideal choice for those who are into dark modes and want to provide their audience an eye-aesthetic experience on their eCommerce site. Catch Shop Dark includes highly customizable features that let you fine-tune the display of every element within your eCommerce website. The theme is fully responsive and your site will adapt to any screen size. And with the included demo content, your site is ready to go live as soon as you’re ready with your own content. Catch Shop Dark includes many features and sections that are highly customizable and extremely easy to use. For instance, Dark Design, Countdown, Header Right, Featured Slider, Featured Content, Hero Content, Testimonials, Services, Services, and more. All of these features are absolutely responsive and help you push your online business website to new heights. In addition, Catch Shop Dark is also translation-ready and cross-browser compatible as well.


Theme Options

The most powerful feature of Catch Themes is its Theme Options which will allow you to easily customize your website with clicks. So, now you no longer need to be a designer or a programmer to build customized websites. Theme Options allow you to toggle on and off features, adjust layouts, change colors, fonts, logo, favicon, background, add social links and custom CSS.

Responsive Design

One of the key features of our themes is that your website will magically respond and adapt to different screen sizes delivering an optimized design for iPhones, iPads, and other mobile devices. No longer will you need to zoom and scroll around when browsing on your mobile phone.

Incredible Support

We have a great line of support team and support documentation. You do not need to worry about how to use the themes we provide, just refer to our Tech Support segment. Further, if you need to do advanced customization to your website, you can always hire our theme customizer!

Featured Page Slider

Featured Page Slider is an option that is helpful to highlight noteworthy pages on your site. You can have columns of content as well as selected images set on your page slider. The fun part is, you get to decide for how long a page stays on your page before something else comes up on the slider. How will you make that happen? By exercising your control over different slide effects and their timing!

Featured Content

Featured Content allows you to highlight your recent & popular posts on your website. It can either be displayed on Homepage or the entire site. You can add your title and sub-title for featured content, select the number of featured content, display Meta, select multiple categories, and enjoy displaying your featured & recent posts.


Every website owner wants the world to know about the services they provide. It allows you to place the services you provide for your customers on the spotlight. Choose to display the services in 2 to 4 columns. Display your services on the homepage only or on the entire website.

WordPress Standard Codes

Our code is secure and optimized. We do proper data validation and sanitization and follow core theme guidelines. Our developers are active contributors to WordPress theme review and WordPress core. Our themes will always be updated as things change in WordPress.


People are always curious about what your goods and services are really like. Since customer testimonials are candid and not by the company promoting the product, they assist in building trust. You can display testimonials on Homepage, the entire site or disable it completely.

More Features

  • Theme Options
  • Responsive Design
  • Featured Slider
  • Featured Thumbnail
  • Threaded Comments
  • Dropdown Menu
  • Excerpt Length
  • Countdown Timer
  • Custom Header / Logo
  • Custom Menu
  • Custom CSS
  • Support
  • WooCommerce Ready
  • Testimonials
  • Services
  • Header Video

Free Vs Pro (Premium)

Free Features Pro (Premium)
Responsive Design
Super Easy Setup
Color Options for various sections
Base Color Scheme: Dark, Red and Blue
Header Media
Primary Menu
Header Top Menu
Header Social Left Menu
Footer Social Menu
Footer Menu
Comment Options
Excerpt Options
Featured Category
Featured content: Post
Featured content: Page
Featured content: Category
Featured content: Custom
Featured content: Custom Post Types
Featured Slider: Post
Featured Slider: Page
Featured Slider: Category
Featured Slider: Custom
Featured Video
Font Family Options
Footer Editor Options
Header Right
Gallery: Post
Gallery: Page
Gallery: Category
Hero Content
Site Layout: Fluid/Boxed
Default Layout: Right Sidebar ( Content, Primary Sidebar )
Default Layout: Left Sidebar ( Primary Sidebar, Content )
Default Layout: No Sidebar
Default Layout: No Sidebar: Full Width
Homepage/Archive Layout: Right Sidebar(Content, Primary Side)
Homepage/Archive Layout: Left Sidebar(Primary Side, Content)
Homepage/Archive Layout: No Sidebar
Homepage/Archive Layout: No Sidebar:Full Width
Homepage Post Column: 1 Column
Homepage Post Column: 2 Columns
Homepage Post Column: 3 Columns
Blog/ Archive Posts Column: 1 Column
Blog/Archive Posts Column: 2 Columns
Blog/Archive Posts Column: 3 Columns
Archive Content Layout: Excerpt with Featured Image
Archive Content Layout: Show Full Content with Image
Archive Content Layout: Show Full Content(No Featured Image)
Single Page/Post Image Layout: Post Thumbnail
Single Page/Post Image Layout: Slider Image Size(1920*1080)
Single Page/Post Image Layout: Original Image Size
WooCommerce Layout: Right Sidebar(Content, Primary Sidebar
WooCommerce Layout: Left Sidebar(Primary Sidebar, Content
WooCommerce Layout: No Sidebar
WooCommerce Layout: No Sidebar: Full Width
Logo Slider: Page
Logo Slider: Post
Logo Slider: Category
Logo Slider: Custom
Menu Options
Portfolio: Page
Portfolio: Post
Portfolio: Category
Portfolio: Custom
Portfolio: Custom Post Type
Promotion Headline: Page
Promotion Headline: Post
Promotion Headline: Category
Promotion Headline: Custom
Pagination Options
Scroll Up Options
Section Sorter
Services: Post
Services: Page
Services: Category
Services: Custom Post Type
Stats: Post
Stats: Page
Stats: Category
Stats: Custom
Team: Post
Team: Page
Team: Category
Team: Custom
Testimonials: Post
Testimonials: Page
Testimonials: Category
Testimonials: Custom
Testimonials: Custom Post Type
WPML Ready
WooCommerce Ready
WooCommerce Featured Products
WooCommerce New Arrivals
WooCommerce Sale Products

Theme Instructions

How to install theme?

Go to this link

How to update theme to the latest version?

Go to this link

Always Set Featured Images

This theme relies heavily on Featured Images. If your post is missing a Featured Image, the post image will not show up on homepage, on archived pages and on Featured Page Slider Content. Click Here to see how to add Featured Image in your Post/Page.

How to add Logo?

Go to this link

How to enable/disable Site Title and Tagline

Go to this link

How to add Site Icon (Favicon/Web Clip Icon)?

Go to this link

How to add Header Video?

Go to this link

How to add Header Image?

Go to this link


Catch Shop Dark offers exciting Menu Options! This theme supports and recommends using "Custom Menus". You can create Custom Menu through "Appearance => Menus" from your WordPress Dashboard.
Go to this linkto know how to add custom menu

Select Menu Locations

You can assign your custom menu in 5 different locations. You assign it either from "Appearance => Customize => Menus => Manage Location" or from "Appearance => Menus => Manage Location"
Select your Custom Menu as Primary Menu to display it as the Main Menu, which will replace the default Page Menu
Select Header social left menu to display social icons

Content Types

If you want content type option in your theme you can use our free plugin Essential Content Type. The details are listed below:

Essential Content Type

You can install our free plugin Essential Content Type from this link and follow the steps provided by the link.


  1. Go to Cutomize => Theme Option => Countdown
  2. Enable Countdown by choosing option ubder "Enable on", entire site or homepage/frontpage
  3. Fill up content under respective headings like background image, tagline, title, description
  4. You can change content position, text alignment
  5. For countdown you can choose "End Date" of your event and "Time"
  6. Further option to add Small Description, Button text, Button link
  7. Finally click on publish to save your changes

How to Change the Excerpt Length and Read More Text?

Go to this link

Featured Content

Catch Shop Dark supports Custom Post Type(requires Essential Content Type Plugin ). For Featured Content Options, go to "Appearance => Customize => Theme Options => Featured Content"

How to use Featured Content using Custom Post Type?

Go to this link

Featured Slider

Catch Shop Dark supports Page as featured slider. For Featured Slider Options, go to "Appearance => Customize => Theme Options =>Featured Slider".
Go to this link

Header Right

Catch Shop Dark Pro supports header right option here you can enable disable these options
  1. My Account Icon
  2. My Account Label
  3. Search Icon
  4. Cart Icon
  5. Cart Items
  6. Cart Amount

How to Set Certain Categories to Display in Homepage/Frontpage?

Go to this link
Further options in Catch Shop Dark:
  1. Edit Tagline, Recent Posts Title, Posts Page Header Text, Recent Header Text
  2. Select categories to dispaly in frontpage

Layout Options

Catch Shop Dark has 2 Default Layout, 2 Homepage/Archive Layout, 2 WooCommerce layout to choose from "Appearance => Customize => Theme Options => Layout Options"

Default Layout
Once you are in Layout Options, you can Check the box below "Default Layout Options" which will set our site layout. Further, you have the choice of selecting custom layout for individual pages and posts through "Catch Shop Dark Options => Layout Options", which you shall find below individual posts and pages, when you click on them for adding/editing

Homepage/ Archive Layout
Once you are in Layout Options, you can Check the box below "Homepage/ Archive Layout" which will layout for homepage/archive layout

WooCommerce Layout
Select layout for your WooCommerce pages. Option to choose from 2 Layout Options: Right Sidebar(Content, Primary Sidebar) and No Sidebar:Full Width

Logo Slider

Go to this link

How to change Pagination Options?

Go to this link

Promotion Headline

Catch Shop Dark support Page as Promotion Headline
  1. Appearance => Customize => Theme Options => Promotion Headline
  2. Under Page select the page you want to display as promotion headline
  3. Further option to change background image overlay, promotion headline image, description and enable disable title

How to enable/disable Scrollup feature?

Go to this link


Catch Shop Dark supports Custom Post Type as Services.
Go to this link


Catch Shop Dark supports Custom Post Type as testimonials.
Go to this link

How to enable/disable Zoom, Lightbox and Slider effects for WooCommerce Product Gallery? "

Go to this link

1.WooCommerce Featured Products

Showcase your Featured Products.
  1. Go to Appearance => Customize => Theme Options => WooCommerce Featured Content
  2. Enable WooCommerce Featured Content by clicking on "Enable on" entire site or homepage/front page
  3. Update Tagline, Title, Description, no of products, No of Columns, Paginate, Order By, Products Filter as per your requirements
  4. Further option to add SKUs, Category, Button text and Button link
  5. Click Publish to save changes

Widget Area (Sidebar)

Catch Shop Dark currently has 4 widgetized (Sidebar) areas thay are: 1. Sidebar, 2. Footer One, 3. Footer Two and 4. Footer Three. Go to "Appearance => Widgets" or "Appearance => Customize => Widgets" in WordPress.


Catch Shop Dark supports CT: Social Icons. You can add widget in widget area as per your need.

How to add Widgets in widget area?

You can add widgets to your widget area from two location
Go to this link for more detail.

How to add "Social Icon" in widget area(CT:Social Icon)?

This widget is used to add social icons as a widget.
  1. Add CT:Social Icon to desired widget area. More Info
  2. Add "Title" under the respective field.
  3. Finally, click on "Save & Publish"

Additional CSS

You can add your custom CSS that will overwrite the theme CSS for further design customization through "Appearance => Customize => Additional CSS", in your WordPress Dashboard.

Note: If you are doing heavy customization and adding lot of custom css then we recommended to build Child Theme and add it in your child theme style.css file. Read More about child theme...

Webmaster Tools

Go to this link for more detail

Recommended Plugins

* Catch Web Tools for Webmaster Tools, To Top, Catch IDs
* Essential Content Type
* Catch Dark Mode
* WP-PageNavi for Numeric Pagination
* Regenerate Thumbnails to for Regenerating Thumbnails
* Jetpack for Infinite Scroll, Gallery, Stats, Image CDN and many more

Change Log

1.0 (Released: October 26, 2021)

  • Initial Release