Video Series: Adding Featured Image in WordPress Post/Page

This tutorial show simple step to add in Featured Image in your Post/Page.
You just need to add/edit your post/page and then on right bottom corner you will see Set Featured Image. Just click on it and select the image and click on Set Featured Image. Then you will see Featured Image Thumbnail and then update/save your post/page.

7 thoughts on “Video Series: Adding Featured Image in WordPress Post/Page”

  1. Thanks sakin for preparing this video tutorial.

    I have seen many bloggers using images beside posts, it makes the blog really cool.

    Now I will apply to all the posts in my blog.

    Thank you again.

  2. Hi Vijay.
    Video was very useful.
    I was wondering if you can show how to set images in the slider so they all match in size and the page does not move up and down every time the image on the slider changes.

  3. Still waiting for a reply from you about how to put a youtube video on my post page if i cant just say so dont have me sitting here waiting for ever.

  4. hello Sir
    Thanx for such a nice theme…
    Please help me in slider image..i Used large sized images in pages but in slider they seem very blured…please help me out..

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