Video Series: Adding Featured Post Slider

Featured Post Slider option is there in all our Free and Premium Themes. This post slider is created to highlight your posts in the slider.

1. First you need to create Post from “Posts => Add New”
2. Then assign Featured Image in your post
3. Remember the Post ID
4. Then go to “Appearance => Customize => Featured Slider”
5. In “Enable Slider on”, you need to select either Homepage or Entire Site as per your need
6. In “Select Slider Type”, you need to select the slider type as “Featured Post Slider”
7. Add in Post IDs and finally, click on “Save & Publish”

48 thoughts on “Video Series: Adding Featured Post Slider”

  1. how can I configure the featured image ? I am having a great deal configuring the text that appears and the featured immage. If I don’t place a featured immage the text appears on top of the page completely dis-configuring the look and feel. Also the image is not being cropped so I guess there is a minimum size for the image to set as feautured image ?

    1. @Elisha: You can use Page instead of a post. But this Page Slider is only there in Pro version. So, if you are using Free version then you need to upgrade to pro version then you will have option to choose slider type as “Page Slider”

  2. I got my images in the slider, but how can I get rid of the band running at the bottom of my image and the text with it?


  3. Hi,

    i have used the images for the slider which seems to be shuffling fine, but the images dont show up.

    and i am unable to add my Logo image

    can you please help me


  4. Is there any way i can have new posts automatically go into the slider as this would save me a lot of time. Thanks 😉

    1. Yes, there is option to add in new posts automatically. But for that you need to select “Featured Category Slider” from your slider type and select the category. This option is there in all our Premium/Pro theme but not there in our free themes.

    1. Not sure about that. If you are using Free themes and post slider. But you can create post with featured image as shows in the screencast. Then you can redirect that post to your woocommerce plugin through redirect plugin or from WordPress SEO by Yoast.

  5. Nice Theme and nice Slider, but how can I remove or customize the link to the post in the slider? Background: the post has no content except the featured image…

  6. I have Evolution Free and don’t have a Featured Image Slider option at all. Do I have to upgrade to disable or remove it?

        1. No, you can change that image with the Featured Post Slider or Disable it. That option is there in Free version.

          I also gave you the instructions. From your WordPress Dashboard, go to “Appearance => Theme Options => Featured Post Slider” and add it. Also this video explains how to change it. See this screenshot

  7. Hi the slider only shows one post. I have set featured image and put in 3 id’s but only one post shows. Can you help? thanks.

  8. Hey, I use catch evolution. I did exactlx like you said in the video, but my whole post is showing, not just the picture?!
    I just want the picture up there, not the whole post. How can I fix it???


  9. Is there an easy way to add a new slider ID number on top of the list (making it the #1 Featured Post ID) and move all the existing slider IDs down 1 cell? Every time I add a new post (and its accompanying slider), I have to re-enter all the older Post IDs…

    There should be a work-around for this – maybe….


  10. Hello Sakin, how are u doing? Pls I have not been able to add featured
    image sliders from posts to the catch everest theme. Cause of
    wordpress upgrade so I can not find my posts numbers anymore. Pls help me
    out. Thanks in advance

  11. In my template there is already a pre-installed featured post slider running with a picture of a white orchid and other stuff. I can disable it, but I can’t actually find it in the back end, or find the images. Can you explain where it is so that I can see how it works and edit it?

    many thanks

    ps my site isn’t published yet

    1. Which theme are you using it? It’s better if you ask these question in our support forum at The image that is there in default is demo slider and you can replace that with Featured Post Slider as show in screencast from “Appearance => Theme Options => Featured Post Slider”.

  12. Is it possible to make it so that the images from the slider aren’t linking to the post when clicking on the picture? Just so that it basically acts as a standard image slider, and nothing else?


      1. Sorry Catch Kathmandu Free theme only have option to use “Post Slider or Category Slider”. So, this will link to your post. Only Image slider have option for links.

        So, the option will be either to upgrade to pro version or build child theme and remove links in that functions.

    1. Just go to “Appearance => Customize => Featured Slider => Slider Options” and then select “Disable” from “Enable Slider” select box.

  13. Hey,
    is there a possibility while using the pro version, to get from each category the latest post?
    I’ve 4 categories and need to show just the latest one from each of them.

    Thanks a lot

    1. Yes, in pro version you can select slider type as “Category Slider” which allows you to select categories from which you can get latest posts.

  14. Hi there,

    I am using Catch Evolution (free version). Is there a way to only upload images, rather than a post with a featured image?

    Many thanks!


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