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The online business industry is so influential that any respectable business in modern times wouldn’t even consider the option of not having a web page. It has gotten to the point where a website is an amalgamation of all the previous media, compacted into a comfortable form. For any type of company, be it a big or a small one, it is advantageous to have an online portal that represents your products and services. The amount of exposure that you can gain from the web is enormous, especially when you compare it to the amount of money you spend. Similarly, construction companies and architectural firms also need to portray the range of services they offer and convince the potential clients that you’ve got the skills and know how to live up to their expectations. A local construction company might not really need a large amount of international attention, but the search engine optimization is very important. People are most likely to search for you online to know about your services before they actually contact you for a real-deal. In today’s generation, there are thousands of successful construction websites showcasing their services to the world at large. And, in order to help you do just that, a bold and solid construction WordPress theme is a must. Learning the importance of keeping your construction website on the forefront with the sleek design and essential features, we bring you our new construction WordPress themeSolid Construction Pro.

Solid Construction Pro is a clean, robust and reliable, serious and professional, ambitious and expansive WordPress theme that has been specially designed for the construction companies, architectural firms, building companies and freelance architects. The theme stays true to the essence of its name—Solid Construction and provides your construction business a strong and bold online presence with the sleek and professional look. Solid Construction Pro helps you add all the crucial assets to your website that would help in the growth of loyal clients.

With a professional design that is perfectly suited to the task of creating a construction website, as well as all the essential features needed for such a job, Solid Construction Pro sure is a theme to go for. Solid Construction Pro comes with an array of amazing features such as Contact Info, Featured Content, Featured Slider, Header Option (Classic and Modern), Hero Content, Menu Options, News, Portfolio, Promotional Headline, Services, Stats, Team, Why Choose Us section and many more.

Our new Construction Company WordPress Theme, Solid Construction Pro is easy-to-use, feature-rich and visually stunning. The theme is extremely responsive and your website will look elegant yet professional from any device.

Major Features in Solid Construction Pro:

Contact Info

The Contact Info is a section inside the Theme Options that you can enable in order to display your contact information. You can add the Title, Description, Phone, Email, Address, Link, and Map Image with Link. All of these features included in the Contact Info section will surely provide your visitors an easier way to contact you.

Featured Content

Featured Content highlights your recent and popular posts on your website. With our new Construction WordPress Theme, you can display your featured content in up to 4 columns. It can either be displayed on the Homepage or the entire site. You can add your headline and sub-headline, select content type and more for your featured content and enjoy displaying your impressive posts.

Featured Slider

If you own a construction website or any architectural firm, you need to show your information on the limelight for your visitors. Our new theme for construction companies, Solid Construction Pro understands that and gives you the freedom to do just that. Place your most impressive posts, images or anything else you want to highlight in the featured slider. Also, there are a number of customization options and transition effects to make your construction business website more attractive and engaging.

Header Options

Header Options is the section where you can choose to showcase your contact information at the top of your website. The feature is specially built for those who want their visitors to see the contact information for their users’ convenience. Our construction WordPress theme provides two Header Styles to choose from—Classic and Modern. If you want your header contact information to showcase in a little traditional way, then go for the Classic header style; and if you like to keep your header top simple yet elegant, select the Modern style. You also have the option to enable and disable the content shown at the Header Top.

Hero Content

Solid Construction Pro allows you to display the best assets of your business website with the Hero Content feature. The feature allows you to highlight the content as post, page, categories, and images you consider the most important in a way that is easily attention-grabbing. You can enable the hero content either on Homepage or the entire site.

Menu Options

Solid Construction Pro lets you choose menu type as Default or Classic. Nowadays, users prefer mobile menus even in their desktop computers and if you’re one of them, just choose the ‘Modern’ option. But if you like the old-school style of menu, then simply choose the ‘Classic’ menu option. Your website, your way!


If you’ve some exciting news to share and want your visitors to see them at any cost, consider adding them to the News section. The News section can be found under the Theme Options in the customization. You can showcase your news in up to 4 columns. Also, you can add your headline, sub-headline, type, button text, and more. Enjoy sharing the interesting news with your visitors!


One of the excellent ways to showcase your experience and expertise in construction in front of the world is to display them through portfolios. And, our new construction WordPress theme helps you do just that with the Portfolio feature. You can display your portfolios in up to 5 columns. Display your Portfolio on the Homepage/Frontpage, the entire site or disable it completely if you don’t need it. Also, there is a bunch of other customization options available in the Portfolio section.

Promotional Headline

Solid Construction Pro, the new construction WordPress theme for businesses allows you to add a completely customizable Promotion Headline on your website. You can choose the content type—post, page, category, or image—that you want your visitors to see or read at any cost.


Solid Construction Pro allows you to place the services you provide for your customers in the spotlight. Display the services you provide either on the Homepage or on the entire website. Also, you can choose to display them up to 4 columns, add a headline and a sub-headline.


The Stats section allows you to display your strengths to your visitors. Your first-time visitors are likely to build trust in you and your business only after knowing that you’re excellent at what you do, what you deliver and your services are of a top-notch. And, in order to showcase the achievements of your business, the Stats section serves you well. You can display your website statistics in up to 4 columns, add headline and sub-headline along with a few other customization options.


In a construction website, you need to showcase the team you have. A construction business cannot achieve any milestone without a team of awesome people and you need to admire your teammates for it. Therefore, our Solid Construction WordPress theme allows you to do just that and showcase your awesome team in an elegant manner. You can display your team in up to 4 columns, add headline, sub-headline, select the content type, add a view more button and more with the Team option.

Why Choose Us

Not only in a construction website, but in any business, you need to give your visitors a fine set of reasons as to why they should consider choosing you and your service. If you’ve got the potential and all the required features, you should let your visitors know about it, which would definitely give them a kick to go for your service. With Solid Construction Pro, you’re given a ‘Why Choose Us’ section where you will be able to provide all the reasons for your visitors to choose you and your services.

WordPress Standard Codes

Our code is secure and optimized. We do proper data validation and sanitization and follow core theme guidelines. Our developers are active contributors to WordPress theme review and WordPress core. Our themes will always be updated as things change in WordPress. Advanced SEO support has been integrated into Solid Construction Pro—WordPress theme for Construction Businesses. This allows managing page’s meta-data and heading tags. This is important because SEO optimized pages can help you and other viewers find your site easier on the web.

Incredible Support

Our support team is well-informed and provide extensive support documentation. For a WordPress theme for construction websites, our theme documentation answers most questions about using the theme. If you are still having difficulties, you can post in our “Support” forum, and a member of our team will get back to you shortly. You can also hire our theme customization for advanced customization of your theme.

All in all, Solid Construction Pro is a brand new construction WordPress theme that is packed with all the latest and greatest features to make your construction website stand out among others. If you prefer a clean and minimal design but don’t want to lose out on the features and the professional look for your website, then Solid Construction Pro is the perfect pick for you. Solid Construction Pro is a power-packed, niche-oriented theme that fulfills your construction website’s need completely. Showcase your construction and architectural business through your website in a revolutionary way and increase the number of visitors and clients you get every day.

Solid Construction Pro is clean, secure, responsive, and delivers a fantastic design – a complete package for your construction company website. Buy Solid Construction Pro now and make your construction website bold, beautiful and solid!

Check out the Live Preview of Solid Construction Pro. We also have a free version of this theme that comes with a bunch of crucial features. Click here to check out Solid Construction.

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