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Photography equals creativity and creativity needs a unique exposure, be it in reality or the web world. In today’s generation where everything is going online, why should your photography skill stay behind? You need to build a strong website and bring them forward with a bold and beautiful look. If you want to promote and grow your photography services, you need to have a beautiful website that would give your photography the exposure it deserves. Starting from scratch can be difficult and time consuming. So, in order for you to start sharing your photography journey as soon as you’re online, we present you the best solution – Photo Journal Pro, our new dark photography WordPress theme.

Photo Journal Pro – Showcase your Photography Skills with Class

Photo Journal Pro is a premium dark photography WordPress theme that’s been crafted with simplicity and creativity in mind. The theme focuses on providing the best for creative personas like photographers, photo bloggers, graphic designers, and other creative freelancers who want a touch of both class and minimalism. Dozens of specific, customizable portfolio and gallery settings will ensure your images and high resolution photography truly pop in a most memorable, favorable way. The dark concept in the theme adds extra charm to your photography exposure.

Features like Header Media, Countdown, Timeline, Gallery, Workshop, Service, Team, Featured Video, Portfolio, Promotional Headline, Logo Slider, and more have been added in Photo Journal Pro. All of these features are essential for photo blogs to showcase their photography skills effortlessly. The theme provides a powerful set of tools for devising and developing awesome photography websites in only a matter of minutes. Supple HTML5 coding underpins a media-savvy theme that can handle high resolution photography and embedded video with utter ease and dexterity.

Now, let’s have a detailed look at the features in Photo Journal Pro.

Major Features in Photo Journal Pro – A dark photography WordPress theme


With a photography website, you might want to provide your visitors with something a little extra like an exhibition, a workshop, a new release, or anything else. In order to keep the excitement mounting for such events, Photo Journal Pro supports the Countdown feature. The feature allows you to set the starting and ending date and provides a bunch of other customization options as well including the color option. You can display the countdown in one to four columns and enable it either on the Homepage or the entire website.

Featured Video

Videos are a great way to keep your audience engaged and entertained. You can add videos from your photography or the maybe BTS videos to make your photography website livelier. You can enable your featured video either on the homepage or the entire website and showcase them in 1 to 4 columns. Give your featured video an attractive title and enable/disable the lightbox option for your featured video.


Display exciting photo galleries on your website with the Gallery option in Photo Journal Pro. You can enable the Gallery option either on the Homepage or the entire website. You have the option to choose the Gallery Type—Post, Page or Category. Choose the type you want and showcase your interesting photographs to the world at large!

Header Media

The header of your website should be attractive and engaging as it is the very first thing your users will see. With Photo Journal Pro, you have the option to choose an image or a video along with a header text to help you define the entire look of your website. It is recommended to insert an image as a fallback if you add a video. This will keep your visitors from being bored as your video loads. You can directly embed a video from YouTube or you can add your own. The supported format is .mp4 and the recommended dimension 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Also, there is a new Firefly Effect in Photo Journal Pro with which you can enable the firefly effect on your header area.

Logo Slider

Photo Journal Pro has now added Logo Slider. It allows you to display your logos in a slideshow on your photography website quickly and easily. You can showcase the logo slideshow either on the homepage or the entire website. You can choose the transition delay time and length for your logo slider. Also, you can choose your logo slider type—post, page, category, or custom.


Showcase your professional skills and accomplishments to the world at large with the Portfolio feature. There are several customization options in the Portfolio section in Photo Journal Pro to showcase your expertise elegantly. You can choose up to 4 columns to showcase the best works on your front-page or entire website with our new Photography WordPress theme. You also have the option to select Headline, Sub Headline, and Number of items to show on your website.

Promotional Headline

Photo Journal Pro, the new dark photography WordPress theme allows you to add a customizable Promotion Headline. You can enable the Promotion Headline either on the Homepage or the entire site. You can choose the content type—post, page, category, or custom—that you want your visitors to see.


In order to help you display the photography services you provide, the Service feature has been added to Photo Journal Pro, our new bold photography WordPress theme. You can display your services either on the Homepage or the entire website up to 4 columns. Also, you can select your content type (post, page, category, custom, or custom post type) as well.


Our new dark photography WordPress theme, Photo Journal Pro allows you to display your team members in an informative and elegant manner. You can showcase your members in 1 or 2 columns with Headline and Sub headline for the section. You can select your content type (post, page, category, custom, or custom post types) as well.


There are events that are memorable and hold a special place in your heart. We all want to preserve and keep the memos safe. So, in order to perfectly showcase your memories in an elegant timeline, Photo Journal Pro presents you the Timeline feature. Choose the Timeline content type – Post, Page, Category or Custom and display them elegantly.

WordPress Standard Codes

Our code is secure and optimized. We do proper data validation and sanitization and follow core theme guidelines. Our developers are active contributors to the WordPress theme review and WordPress core. Our themes will always be updated as things change in WordPress. Advanced SEO support has been integrated into Photo Journal Pro — a dark photography WordPress theme. This allows managing page’s meta-data and heading tags. This is important because SEO optimized pages can help you and other viewers find your site easier on the web.

Incredible Support

Our support team is well-informed and provide extensive support documentation. For a photography WordPress theme, our theme documentation answers most questions about using the theme. If you are still having difficulties, you can post in our “Support forum“, and a member of our team will get back to you shortly. You can also hire our theme customization for advanced customization of your theme.

All in all, it is safe to say that Photo Journal Pro is the best one to go for if you’re looking for a creative dark photography theme with the combination of both simplicity and professionalism. The theme has multiple widget areas to customize your site design. Plus, you can fully control fonts, sizes, color, spacing, etc. on your theme to design your site beautifully. The minimal and sleek design with various astounding customization options is just what you need to flaunt your photography skill to the world at large.

Photo Journal Pro is the ultimate theme if you want simplicity, customizability and image-centered design with a touch of boldness in it.

Check out the Live Preview of Photo Journal Pro. Similar to any other of our theme, Photo Journal Pro also comes in two versions – Check Out Photo Journal Free Photography WordPress Theme and Check Out Photo Journal Pro Premium Photography WordPress Theme. The free version comes with fewer customization options compared to the premium.

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