FSE Pro Plugin 1.1.1 Update Includes More Custom Blocks and Support for Axton Theme

Our Premium WordPress plugin FSE Pro for Gutenberg Blocks and Patterns is here with a fresh update! FSE Pro 1.1.1 updates bring more powerful custom blocks and support our theme, Axton.

FSE Pro 1.1.1 Updates Includes More Custom Blocks

FSE Pro 1.1.1 Added

Supports Axton Theme

Supports Axton Theme

FSE Pro has added amazing custom blocks that support, the Axton Portfolio WordPress theme for full site editing where you can easily showcase your talent and skill to the world beautifully.

FSE Pro 1.1.1 Updates

Skills Bar

Hide bar shape option

The skills bar blocks allow you to showcase your strength and talent to the world in %. There are two types of styles variation: Default and Style Two. In the default style, you can see the bar shape option and change the way you like and on the other alternative, Style Two, the bar shape option is hidden.

Change the text alignment

You can change the text alignment left, center, or right as you prefer. Also, you can easily replace the title field with rich text with a skills bar.

Replace the field with rich text

Here, you can replace the text field with rich text that you like and show it to your audience.

Miscellaneous Updates in FSE Pro 1.1.1

Other miscellaneous updates in this version includes:

  • Updated: Multiple Masonry Block issue.
  • Updated: Added option to edit the loaded images.
  • Bug Fixed: Removed columns option on Tabs
  • Bug Fixed: Renamed Progress Bar to Skill Bar

With these added features and enhancements in this update, this premium WordPress plugin is now more powerful, flexible, and user-friendly.

Buy FSE Pro today and go beyond the limited blocks and patterns!

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