Catch FSE 1.4 Now Supports WooCommerce Plugin and Added Grid Blog Post Pattern

Catch FSE 1.4, now comes with new updates that support the WooCommerce plugin and added grid blog post pattern. With this quick update, our free Full Site Editing WordPress Block theme, Catch FSE is now ready for all modern online shops to showcase their online business gracefully. Catch FSE 1.4 also comes with a Grid Blog Post Pattern that allows you to display your blogs in an exceptional manner.

Catch FSE 1.4 Main Image

Supports WooCommerce Plugin

Catch FSE 1.4 now supports the WooCommerce plugin in the theme. You can use the theme to build an online store and run your business online smoothly. Also, you can use the WooCommerce plugin and sell your products accordingly.

Added Grid Blog Post Pattern

Catch FSE 1.4 added Grid Blog Post Pattern that allows you to add an elegant blog post design to your site. The three-column post design can display your articles and blogs with image and excerpt blocks. Moreover, a responsive Next Page block is also available that displays the next posts page link.

With these new updates, Catch FSE is one step further than what it was. Download Catch FSE today!

To get advanced block patterns, custom blocks, and more, we recommend you have the FSE Pro plugin installed and activated on your website.

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