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Catch Box

Catch Box is a simple, lightweight and box shaped responsive WordPress theme that automatically adapts to the screen’s size, ensuring that your content is always displayed beautifully no matter what device visitors are using. Its powerful admin theme options are designed to suit almost all projects. It is also one of the most popular themes listed down the WordPress theme directory.

Installation using the Administration Panel

You can download Themes directly to your blog by using the Add New Themes option in the Appearance sub-menu.

  1. Log in to the WordPress Administration Panel
  2. Click on “Appearance => Themes => Add New”
  3. Type “Catch Box” in the search box and click on Search
  4. It will show the Catch Box Thumbnail and details
  5. Click on “Install Now” and then “Activate” to install the Theme

Manual Installation using FTP

To add a new Theme to your WordPress installation, follow these basic steps:

  1. Download Catch Box from WordPress Theme Directory ( to your Desktop
  2. Unzip to your Desktop
  3. Using an FTP client to access your host web server, go to /wp-content/themes/ and make sure that you do not already have a catch-box folder installed
  4. If you do, then back it up and remove it from /wp-content/themes/ before uploading your copy of Catch Box
  5. Upload Catch Box to /wp-content/themes/
  6. Activate Catch Box through “Appearance => Themes” in your WordPress Dashboard

Always Set Featured Images

This theme relies heavily on Featured Images. If your post is missing a Featured Image, the post image will not show up on the homepage, on archived pages and Featured Post Slider. Read more about Featured Images

Image Sizes

Featured Post Slider
Width: 644px
Height: 320px

How to add Featured Image in Post/Page?

  1. Open the editor of the post/page where you want to display image, and locate the Featured Image module in the bottom right corner under Page Attributes. Click on Choose a Featured Image.
  2. Then you can either upload the image from your computer or select the existing image from your media library and click on Set Featured Image. Click to view screenshot

Regenerate Thumbnails

If you have just changed your theme then you need to regenerate image thumbnails for posts published before activating this theme. You can simply install Regenerate Thumbnails Plugin. Then Regenerate Thumbnails through the “Tools => Regen. Thumbnails” in your WordPress Dashboard.


Catch Box currently has four widgetized areas that are Main Sidebar, Footer Area One, Footer Area Two and Footer Area Three. You can add a variety of Widgets to this theme from “Appearance => Widgets” in WordPress.


This theme supports “Custom Menus”. You can create Custom Menu through “Appearance => Menus” from your WordPress Dashboard. Don’t forget to select your Custom Menu as Primary Menu to display it as the main menu. It also has two other menus namely Secondary Menu and Footer Menu. Read More

Theme Options

You can customize the theme using cool additional features through Appearance -> Theme Options in your WordPress Dashboard.

How to add Header Logo/Image?

  1. Go to “Header” under Appearance in your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Now click on “Browse” and select an image from the desired location and click on Upload
  3. Then you will see “Crop Header Image” box where you can use your mouse and select an area to crop in the image
  4. Finally, click on Crop and Publish


Custom Background is another great feature of WordPress that is supported in Base. Add yours by clicking “Appearance => Background”.

How to Add/Change Favicon Image?

  1. Go to “Appearance => Theme Options” from your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Then Click on Add/Change Favicon button
  3. Select the file you want to load
  4. Finally, click on Insert into Post and Save Changes

How to Add/Change Web Clip Icon?

  1. Go to “Appearance => Theme Options” from your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Then Click on Add/Change Web Clip Icon button
  3. Select the file you want to load
  4. Finally, click on Insert into Post and Save Changes

Color Scheme

Catch Box theme has 3 color scheme options (Light, Dark and Blue). You can select through “Appearance => Theme Options => Color Scheme”.

Default Layout

Catch Box theme has 3 different default layout (Content on Left, Content on Right and One-Column with no sidebar) that you can select through “Appearance => Theme Options => Default Layout”.

Content Layout

Catch Box theme has 2 content layout. 1) Show Excerpt: which will show the featured image of the post and excerpt text and 2) Show Full Content: which will show the full content exactly like it is in the post. If you want to break the text then you can use more tags . You can select the option through “Appearance => Theme Options => Content layout”.

How to Change the Excerpt Length?

  1. Go to “Appearance => Theme Options”
  2. Type in the Number of words in “Excerpt Length in Words”
  3. Click on Save button

How to Redirect Feed to Feedburner / or any other URL?

  1. Go to “Appearance => Theme Options => Feed Redirect”
  2. Add in your redirection URL in “Feed Redirect URL” box
  3. Click on Save button

How to Disable Search in Header?

  1. Go to “Appearance => Theme Options”
  2. Then check box the Disable Search in Header
  3. Click on Save button

Custom CSS

You can add your custom CSS that will overwrite the theme CSS for further more design customization. To add custom CSS go to your WordPress Dashboard. Click on “Appearance => Theme Options => Custom CSS”

How to Add Featured Post Slider?

Currently this theme only supports Posts as the Featured Slider. To add Featured Slider, follow these basic steps:

  1. Go to “Appearance => Theme Options => Featured Post Slider”
  2. Click on Slider Options
  3. Simply insert the ID numbers for posts in the respective boxes, one post ID number in each box
  4. To change the slider effects and timing, go to Slider Effect Options which is just below Slider Options
  5. Save your changes

* When you add the Post IDs, make sure your posts have Featured Images
* If you are unable to find post IDs, please install Catch IDs Plugin

How to insert Social Icons like Facebook, Twitter, etc?

  1. Go to “Appearance => Theme Options => Social Links”
  2. Add in your Social Profile addresses in appropriate boxes
  3. Click on Save button

How to insert Analytics / Other scripts?

  • Go to “Appearance => Theme Options => Webmaster Tools”
  • Click on Analytics/Header/Footer Codes
  • Here you can add in various scripts like, google, facebook etc.
  • Enter the script in upper text area, for text you want to load on Header
  • Enter the script in lower text area, for text you want to load on Footer
  • Click on Save button

Embed multimedia into Posts or Pages

For externally hosted videos (for example a YouTube or Vimeo video), you can directly paste the link of your video page into the content editor. You do not necessarily have to paste the embed code in the content. WordPress will automatically embed the video from the link.

Recommended Plugins

  1. Contact Form 7 for Contact Form
  2. WP-PageNavi or WP Page Numbers for Pagination
  3. Regenerate Thumbnails for Regenerating Thumbnails