Catch FSE 1.2 Now comes with Light Color Style

Catch FSE 1.2 is here with a fresh update including the Browse Styles feature and color updates in various site areas. With this quick update, our free Full Site Editing WordPress Block theme, Catch FSE is now ready for all modern websites to showcase their business gracefully. Catch FSE 1.2 now comes with added light color style, added color options in various site areas, and other minor fixes.

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Light Color Style in Catch FSE 1.2

Catch FSE 1.2 now comes with the Browse Styles option where you can choose your preferred color style to apply to your site. You can go for either Dark Color Scheme or Light Color Scheme from the Browse Styles option for now. We will be adding more style options in the coming updates.

If you like to keep your website look clean, minimal, and sophisticated, the new color update in Catch FSE 1.2 serves you well. This Full Site Editing WordPress theme now comes with a LIGHT COLOR STYLE. The added light color style in Catch FSE makes sure your website is minimal and simple with a clean layout. Give your visitors an eye-pleasing experience when they visit your website.

Light Color Scheme in Browse Styles
Light Color Scheme in Browse Styles

You can choose the light color scheme for your site from the Styles option in the editor. In order to enable the light color style in Catch FSE, click on the top right Styles button > Browse Styles > Light. Click on the Light color scheme and the selected area will apply a light color scheme accordingly. You can enable the light color scheme either on the entire site or simply select the areas and choose a light color style for them.

More Color Updates

Not only the light color style is available in Catch FSE 1.2, but the theme also includes many other color updates. For instance, more color options added to the color palette, color issues fixed in the header of templates, added dark and light color schemes, updated areas like footer, header and other templates to manage color options, and updated CSS and Patterns to fix minor issues and bugs.

Following is the full changelog in Catch FSE 1.2:

  • Added: More colors added to the color palette
  • Bug Fixed: Color issue in the header of templates
  • Added: Browse Styles added for Dark and Light color schemes
  • Updated: Footer, Header, and other Templates updated to manage colors for Browse Styles option
  • Updated: CSS and patterns updated to fix minor bugs

However, with these enhancements in Catch FSE 1.2, this theme is now more flexible and user-friendly. Download Catch FSE today!

To get advanced block patterns, custom blocks, and more, we recommend you have the FSE Pro plugin installed and activated on your website.

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