FSE Pro 1.1 Update Includes more Custom Blocks, Patterns, and more!

Our latest Premium WordPress plugin for Gutenberg Blocks and Patterns, FSE Pro is here with a fresh update! So, FSE Pro 1.1 update brings more powerful custom blocks, block patterns, and many other enhancements. With the update, the plugin is now more vast, flexible, and user-friendly.

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In this update, we are shipping out new custom blocks like the Skills bar block, Header Search block, Header Social block, Masonry block, and Tabs block. Also, the newly added block patterns in FSE Pro 1.1 includes Skill bar patterns, multiple header patterns, multiple footer patterns, and more. Moreover, this plugin also includes many miscellaneous updates like the default style option for social icon block, block description updates, color, design, and button issues fixed in header media and text pattern, image delivery from CDN, and more. However, all of these updates in this premium WordPress FSE plugin help make FSE Pro the ultimate add-on plugin to extend blocks and patterns.

FSE Pro 1.1 Updates

Therefore, these are the FSE Pro 1.1 updates:

Skills Bar Block

The Skills Bar block allows you to display your strengths and talent to the world at large. There are two style variations for the Skills bar: Default and Style Two. So, choose whichever style suits your site the best. Also, other customization options are also available. For instance, change % number in the skill bar, bar shape, add title, color options for bar background, and bar title, and more.

Header Search Block

The Header Search block adds a search feature in the desired area. However, this block is recommended to use in the header section. Also, the Header Search block comes with a Show/Hide search bar upon clicking.

Header Social Block

The Header Social block adds a social icon and the recommended site area for this block is the Header area. So, this Header Social Block comes with an option to Show/Hide social icons upon clicking the button.

Masonry Block

The newly added Masonry block allows you to add and display your gallery in an elegant manner. So, display your gallery in 1 to 4 columns. Also, you can customize the spacing between images and the max number you can enter is 50.

Tabs Block

The Tabs block can be used to display your portfolio on your site. So, the two tabs will be added by default; you can increase the number by clicking the Add Tabs button. The recommended tabs column number is 6. Any number exceeding the recommended column count may cause visual breakage.

Multiple Header Patterns

Moreover, there are eight new Header Block Patterns have been added in FSE Pro 1.1 for the Header area of your site:

  1. Header Light with Buttons
  2. Header Light with Center Logo with Button and Social
  3. Header Light with Center Logo
  4. Header Light with Navigation on Left
  5. Header Dark with Buttons
  6. Header Dark with Center Logo with Button and Social
  7. Header Dark with Center Logo
  8. Header Dark with Navigation on left

Multiple Footer Patterns

So. here the eight new Footer Block Patterns have been added in FSE Pro 1.1 for the Footer area of your site:

  1. Footer Light Four Columns
  2. Footer Light Three Columns
  3. Footer Light with Center Social
  4. Footer Light with Menu on Left
  5. Footer Light
  6. Footer Dark with Center Social
  7. Footer Dark with Menu on Left
  8. Footer Dark

Miscellaneous Updates in FSE Pro 1.1

However, this is the miscellaneous updates:

  • Other miscellaneous updates in FSE Pro 1.1 include:
  • Added default Style for Social Icon block
  • Updated Blocks Descriptions
  • Updated Image delivery from CDN
  • Bug Fixed: Remove last , from array PHP 7.2 compatibility
  • Bug Fixed: Color, design, and button issue in header media and text pattern

So, with these added features and enhancements in FSE Pro 1.1, this premium WordPress plugin is now more powerful and flexible for users.

Buy FSE Pro today and go beyond the limited blocks and patterns!

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