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This is WordPress default audio playlist added in page. So, just create page and Add Media and create audio playlist. After that, you can select the page from Appearance – Customize – Theme Options – Playlist.

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This multipurpose Free Music WordPress theme allows you to choose to display the best assets of your website with the Hero Content feature. This feature allows you to highlight page you deem most important in a fashion that is easily attention-grabbing. Displaying your strengths has never been so prominent. For Hero Content Options, go to “Appearance => Customize => Theme Options => Hero Content Options”.

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This theme allows you to add a completely customizable Promotion Headline. You can choose the content type — post, page, category, or image — that you want your visitors to see or read at any cost. Also, you get to choose the content position and how you want your content to be displayed. You can use the section to promote or announce exciting news about your music to your followers.

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Here you can showcase the x number of portfolios from Appearance - Customize - Theme Options - Portfolio.

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