ScapeShot Pro 6.0 Update is here with eCommerce Demo and New Features

An updated version of our modern Multipurpose Photography WordPress theme, ScapeShot Pro 6.0 is now available. ScapeShot Pro 6.0 brings new sections for eCommerce sites, several refinements, and a brand new eCommerce Demo.

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The new version of this multipurpose WordPress theme comes with sections like Categories and Gifts. There is also a new eCommerce color scheme for eCommerce sites. ScapeShot Pro 6.0 has added many WooCommerce features to fit your eCommerce site. For instance, Featured Products section, Products Showcase section, Recent Products section, Shopping Cart, Checkout, and the My Account option. Moreover, there is a new demo for all eCommerce business sites, ScapeCommerce.

Having a glimpse at all the newly added features, it is clear that this update focuses on the eCommerce industry. Businesses that are running online need to showcase everything you have to offer. Keeping that in mind, we have upgraded and presented a brand new version of ScapeShot Pro. With this update of 6.0, our ScapeShot Pro theme is now ready to serve the eCommerce businesses and help them reach new heights by putting their products and services in the limelight.

With that being said, let’s now have a quick look at the newly added features in ScapeShot Pro 6.0.

ScapeShot Pro 6.0 Updates


  • Added Categories Section

categories in ScapeShot Pro 6.0

The newly added Categories section in ScapeShot Pro 6.0 is keen to display your posts from selective categories. You can add as many categories as you desire and display them in 1 to 4 columns. Also, you can upload images for each category separately as well. With this section, you can display your content according to different categories.

Gifts Section

  • Added Gifts Section

gifts section in ScapeShot Pro 6.0

The newly added Gifts section in ScapeShot Pro 6.0 helps you display the Gifts item available in your store. The section is keen to display your content from post, page, category, custom, product, or product category. You can add as many gifts as you desire and display them in 1 to 4 columns. You can also add a call to action button if required.

eCommerce Color Scheme

  • Added eCommerce color scheme

ecommerce-color scheme in ScapeShot Pro 6.0

A new eCommerce color scheme is now present in the Color Scheme feature under the Colors section. If you own an eCommerce website and want the bold and elegant colors on your site, the eCommerce color scheme is for you!

WooCommerce Featured Products Section

  • Added Featured Products Section

The WooCommerce Featured Products section allows you to display the most important or interesting products on your site. The products that need the most attention at the moment can be added in the Featured Products section. Adding certain products to your Featured Products section will grab visitors’ attention and the products are more likely to be popular among your audience. You need to activate the WooCommerce plugin in order to access this Featured Products section.

WooCommerce Recent Products

  • Added Recent Products Section

The Recent Products section allows you to display new and latest products on your site. When you own an eCommerce business site, your visitors are always curious about the new products. And the Recent Products section helps you display the most recent products launched on your site. To access this section, you need to first install and activate the WooCommerce plugin.

Shopping Cart & My Account Option

  • Added a Shopping Cart and My Account Option

In ScapeShot Pro 6.0, after activating the WooCommerce plugin, you will get an additional functionality of displaying the My Account Option and WooCommerce Cart option before and after the primary search. You can enable the options under Customizer > Theme Options > WooCommerce Options.

New eCommerce Demo

  • Added eCommerce Demo

With the release of ScapeShot Pro 6.0, there is now a brand new eCommerce demo available – ScapeCommerce. You can import the eCommerce demo if you want to build a professional eCommerce site for your online business and showcase your exciting products.

scapecommerce demo image

There are now a total of 7 one-click demos in the ScapeShot Pro theme including the new eCommerce Demo. You can import any of the demo content from the ScapeShot and apply it to your site. You can install and activate the Catch Themes Demo Import plugin to import the demo you desire.

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