Introducing PhotoFocus Pro – Premium Multipurpose Photography WordPress Theme

Are you looking for ways to flaunt your photography skills to the world at large? We present to you our latest addition, PhotoFocus Pro – a new Premium Multipurpose Photography WordPress theme for websites of all kinds.

Photography can be both a hobby and a profession. Either way, photography has been rocking the business industry for a decade now. Photographs capture moments that we want to cherish our whole life. In today’s generation, social media platforms have risen up as an encouragement to take more pictures and reach out to people. Likewise, an engaging and outspoken website is crucial to showcase your photography skills as well. Be it your passion of profession, if Photography is what you love, you need a responsive website to flaunt your skills. And to do that, the best gateway is to use an all-rounder WordPress theme for your photography website.

So, let us present to you our latest addition, PhotoFocus Pro – a responsive multipurpose WordPress theme for all kinds of websites, especially photography sites.

PhotoFocus Pro – A Multipurpose Photography WordPress Theme

PhotoFocus Pro is a premium multipurpose photography WordPress theme for photography websites. It is ideal for photographers, photo bloggers, freelancers, and other creative photography centric websites. It was specially designed for photography websites. However, since it is a multipurpose theme and it includes advanced features, you can use PhotoFocus Pro for all kinds of websites. You can use the theme for corporate websites, personal blogs, portfolios, and more. Its design is powerful and adaptable, managing to seamlessly blend solid aesthetics with high functionality. This innovative theme can certainly enhance every aspect of your page while providing an extremely user-friendly interface with easy navigation.

Our new Multipurpose Photography WordPress theme, PhotoFocus comes with features like Contact, Events, Featured Video, Gallery, Logo Slider, Portfolio, Promotion Headline, Services, Stats, Team, Testimonials, and more. With all the features integrated into PhotoFocus Pro and much more under the hood, you have absolute control over literally every element of your site.

Let’s now quickly have a look at the major features in PhotoFocus Pro.

Major Features in PhotoFocus Pro


PhotoFocus Pro allows you to display your contact information to your visitors. There are two sections—Contact Info and Contact Form. You can display your contact information on the entire site or on the Homepage/Frontpage of your website. You can add a fitting title with a subtitle. The Contact Info option allows you to add your email address, contact number, and your address along with its link to display on your website. Whereas, on the Contact Form section, you can give your visitors a convenient way to contact you.


The events section will allow you to display events that you’ve been or going to be a part of. You can choose to display the events either on the homepage only or the entire website. Also, choose the content type – Post, Page, Category or Custom and display them elegantly. In the Events section, you are empowered with an option to choose your background image, foreground image, image position, size, repeat option, and many more customization options.

Featured Video

Featured Video section empowers you to display up to 20 videos. Enable your featured video either on the homepage or the entire website. Give your featured video an attractive title and enable/disable the lightbox option for your featured video.


Your visitors might search up for your galleries in order to have a closer look at your photography skills and know you better. Being an owner of a photography website, the Gallery option is a must to display your talent to the world at large. Display exciting and engaging galleries on your website with the Gallery feature available in PhotoFocus Pro. Simply install Catch Gallery to showcase the galleries. With this simple free plugin installed and activated, you will get an array of gallery customization options.

Logo Slider

The Logo Slider section is where you can add logos of all your productions, other companies or websites that you want to link to. You can enable the logo slider either on the Homepage or on the entire website. You also have the option to disable the feature if you don’t need it. You can display your logos in 1-5 columns and there are many more customization options to tweak your logo display.


Portfolio empowers you to showcase your professional skills and accomplishments to the world at large. You can put up your best works on display in up to 4 columns with our dark multipurpose photography WordPress theme – PhotoFocus Pro. There are many other customization options as well to make your portfolio attractive and aesthetic.

Promotion Headline

PhotoFocus Pro provides the promotion headline feature to help you grab your visitors’ attention quickly. This feature allows you to promote anything you want from post, page, category, or custom. You can also choose the content position as to where you want your promotion headline to be displayed. This feature is specially created to promote your content or products that are more important at the time. You can change it according to your requirements.


With PhotoFocus Pro, you can now place the services you provide right in the spotlight for your visitors. Choose to display the services in 1 to 4 columns. Display the services on the homepage only or on the entire website. You can select your Services type from Post, Page, Category, Custom, or Custom Post Types.


It is very crucial for your visitors to know where your services actually stand in this competitive web world. And what better way there can be than showing it in numbers? That is where the Stats section comes in handy. You can showcase the overall status of your services exquisitely in 1 to 4 columns. Display it on the Homepage/Frontpage, the entire website, or disable it completely if you don’t need it.


PhotoFocus Pro allows you to display your team members in an informative and elegant manner. You can showcase your team members in 1 to 4 columns with Headline and Sub Headline for the section. You can select your content type (post, page, category, or custom) as well.


A new visitor is always curious about what others think about you and your work. So, they go for reviews and feedbacks. It helps them build trust and make them want to know more about your work in depth. That’s why displaying testimonials is important. There’s a handful of customization options in the Testimonials feature. Select the transition effect and make your testimonials more interesting. You also have the freedom to add your headline, sub-headline, and choose the number of items to display.


If you are searching for an excellent multipurpose WordPress theme for your Photography website, look no further than PhotoFocus Pro. It is a fast-loading, easy to use, and highly customizable multipurpose photography WordPress theme. Be it photography, corporate, personal, or any other website, PhotoFocus Pro provides a clean, simple, and elegant outlook with minimal design for all kinds of sites. Flexible features, clever widgets, useful shortcodes, elegant layouts, or a clean design, PhotoFocus has it all.

So, what’s the wait for? Buy PhotoFocus Pro today and give your business the exposure it deserves.

Check out the Live Preview of PhotoFocus Pro. It also comes in two versions – Check out PhotoFocus Free Photography WordPress Theme and Check out PhotoFocus Pro Premium Photography WordPress Theme. The free version comes with fewer customization options compared to the premium.

If you ever encounter something that seems unfamiliar, be sure to consult the theme documentation. It is well-written, informative, and obtainable for free. Also, for technical issues, you can head over to our Support forum and our support representatives will get back to you shortly.

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