Chique Pro now comes with New Features and Exciting Demos

Our premium multipurpose Fashion WordPress theme – Chique Pro now comes with dynamic new features and exciting demos. More power to Chique Pro! Woo-hoo!

Adding more features and making our customers fully satisfied is what we’ve always been doing since the very beginning of our journey. We’re committed to providing the best we can to our loyal customers. Continuing that, we today announce the very new update of our fashion WordPress theme, Chique Pro. It now comes with eight new features and three new demos.

The additional features in Chique Pro include Album, Playlist, Sticky Playlist, Event Slider, Featured Video, Countdown, Timeline, and Venue. Similarly, the new live demos include Blog, Music, and Wedding. With the newly added sections in Chique Pro, these demos are absolutely flawless and you can say goodbye to “starting from scratch”.

The new sections and demos complete our premium fashion theme, Chique Pro and lead it to become a powerful multipurpose theme. It is now safe to say that you can now use Chique Pro not only for fashion sites but also for sites like blogs, wedding, music, photography, corporate, or eCommerce.

Features added in Chique Pro


The newly added Album section in Chique Pro is dedicated to Music Artists. Now you can showcase your music albums to the audience in an elegant manner. And if you are not in the music business, you can still use the section to display your most important content in the site. You can display either post, page, category, or custom on this section. Display your albums elegantly in 2 to 4 columns.


In the Playlist section, you can add the fresh tracks that you just released or anything that you want to showcase at large. You can display the playlist either on the Homepage or the entire website. You can also choose the playlist type, choose how you want the content to be displayed, and more. The Playlist section allows you to add a nice set of songs that you want your audiences to check out at any cost.

Sticky Playlist

Chique Pro lets you add playlists on the top of the header area. The feature is something that your fans look for on your website. So, with the Sticky Playlist, you can add a nice list of songs and let your audience listen to them as they explore your site. You can enable the feature either on the homepage or the entire website and choose the content type. The feature is extremely crucial as it keeps your visitors from getting bored.

Event Slider

There are different ceremonies and gatherings during a wedding or maybe some other event. So, in order to let your guests about those events in an aesthetic manner, Event Slider is here for you. It allows you to display your events in a slideshow on your website quickly and easily. You can showcase the Event slideshow either on the homepage or the entire website. You can choose the transition delay time and length for your logo slider. Also, you can choose your logo slider type—post, page, category, custom, or custom post types.

Featured Video

It is crucial that you feature your latest and most popular videos for your visitors with the Featured Video option. You can enable your featured video either on the homepage or the entire website and showcase them in 1 to 4 columns. Give your featured video an attractive title and an engaging content. You can display up top 20 featured videos on your site. So, with Featured Video option, promote your videos at large!


You might want to provide your visitors with something a little extra for events or anything interesting for them. In order to keep the excitement mounting for such events, Chique Pro supports the Countdown feature. The feature allows you to set the ending date and provides a bunch of other customization options as well including a background image.


There are events that are memorable and hold a special place in your heart. We all want to preserve and keep such memos safe. So, in order to perfectly showcase your memories in an elegant timeline, Chique Pro presents you with the Timeline feature. Choose the Timeline content type – Post, Page, Category or Custom and display them elegantly.


Venue empowers you with the option to display your any event venue to your visitors in 1 to 4 columns. You can select the venue content type to be displayed—post, page, category or custom. Display your event’s venue either on the homepage or the entire website.

3 New Exciting Demos

We are adding more live demos so that you won’t have to do the customization tweaks for your site. We have added 3 new demos which also include new sections added in Chique Pro lately. The new demos include Blog, Music, and Wedding.

Now you get a total of nine dynamic live demos with Chique Pro. Build the website of your dream in just a blink of an eye with the newly added demos.


New features and demos mean a more powerful WordPress theme. Chique Pro definitely is one of the most influential WordPress themes out there with so many crucial features that fit perfectly for a wide range of websites. It is now a multipurpose WordPress theme that requires no coding and comes with easy customization options and elegant design.

So, make sure you check out the new features in Chique Pro.


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