Fabulous Fluid, WordPress theme for Travel & Magazines

The number of websites related to travel and magazines is ever increasing. At Catch Themes, we realize that the struggle to keep your website at the forefront and up-to-the-minute is very real. To realize that very need, we bring to you a beautifully crafted new theme—Fabulous Fluid. A WordPress theme for Travel & Magazines, built using the latest HTML and CSS codes, the user interface is ultra-modern and elegant; the navigation smooth. Your website adapts flawlessly to any device and platform it is viewed through. Forget the hassle of zoom-ins and mobile sites, all thanks to its Responsive design. This WordPress Theme Customizer centered theme makes way for completely stress-free theme customization. Your website will surely receive the compliments it deserves. Fabulous Fluid features your photographs in a bold manner and is perfect for websites that are heavy on photography. Now you can choose to highlight your featured articles or photographs with the new Featured Grid Content feature displaying them in striking grids. Your website will be just as spectacular as you are, if not better.

Major Features of Fabulous Fluid (Pro):


Featured Content

WordPress theme for Travel & Magazines

Fabulous Fluid supports Featured Content. Your recent and trending posts are highlighted on your website with big, bold and impressive fonts. Featured content can be displayed in 2, 3 or 4 columns and can be displayed just on the Home page or entire site. You can also choose to move your featured content over the footer, so your splendid contents are displayed right on the spotlight.

Featured Slider

WordPress theme for Travel & Magazines

When you present information to your viewers, you want it to be attention-grabbing. The featured slider does just that. You can place your most impressive posts, photographs, or anything else you want to highlight with this feature. There are various transition effects to choose from and a number of customization options. This is a perfect tool for making your website eye-catching and is a perfect WordPress theme for Travel & Magazines.

Featured Grid Content

WordPress theme for Travel & Magazines

A criterion for WordPress theme for Travel & Magazines should be interesting picture grids. They showcase your noteworthy posts in a way that is attractive without overwhelming your viewers. The Featured Grid Content allows you to do just that, while also adding a short intro to the post you highlight. The viewers want interesting stuff as soon as it is visible. The subtle enhancement of allowing you to change the Load More Text into something catchier increases your website view count exponentially.

Completely Widgetized
WordPress theme for Travel & Magazines

Your sidebars, header and footer no longer have to boring. Our widgets allow you to add static and dynamic content to those areas and make them attractive and functional. You require zero coding knowledge, just pick the widgets and drop them to the area of your choice. Fabulous Fluid has a total of 16 widgetized areas. They are:

  1. Primary Sidebar
  2. Optional Homepage Sidebar,
  3. Optional Archive Sidebar
  4. Optional Page Sidebar
  5. Optional Post Sidebar
  6. Optional Sidebar One
  7. Optional Sidebar Two
  8. Optional Sidebar Three
  9. 404 Page Not Found Content
  10. Promotion Headline Left
  11. Promotion Headline Right
  12. WooCommerce Primary Sidebar
  13. Footer Area One
  14. Footer Area Two
  15. Footer Area Three
  16. Footer Area 4

The supported widgets are:

  1. CT: Advertisement Widget
  2. CT: Featured Page Widget
  3. CT: Featured Post Widget
  4. CT: Recent Comments
  5. CT: Recent Posts
  6. CT: Social Icon Widget

Header Image Option

WordPress theme for Travel & Magazines

Fabulous Fluid allows you to set a custom header image for your website. This WordPress theme for Travel & Magazines allows you freedom to choose a large header image to showcase your website potential. You can also choose whether to display that header image on the entire website, only on homepage, the featured posts or the pages you want to; it’s completely your choice.

Site Identity

WordPress theme for Travel & Magazines

Your website logo is completely customizable. You can add logos and edit them to fit the need of your website. You are also free to add Favicons or Web Icons designed the way you want them to.

Color Options

WordPress theme for Travel & Magazines

Choose from unlimited color scheme possibilities to find the colors and style that best suit your website and personality.

Clean, Secure Code

WordPress theme for Travel & Magazines

Our code is secure and optimized. We do proper data validation and sanitization, and follow core theme guidelines. Our developers are active contributors to WordPress theme review and WordPress core. The themes we bring to you will always be updated as things change in WordPress. Advanced SEO support has also been integrated into Fabulous Fluid. This allows managing page’s meta-data and heading tags. This is important because SEO optimized pages can help you and other viewers find your site easier on the web.

Incredible Support

WordPress theme for Travel & Magazines

Our support team is well-informed and provide extensive support documentation. Our theme documentation answers most questions about using the theme. If you are still having difficulties, you can post in our “Support” forum, and a member of our team will get back to you shortly. You can also hire our theme customizer for advanced customization of your theme.

We offer 2 versions of Fabulous Fluid: Free and Pro. Below is the comparison of features between the 2 versions for your convenience.

Fabulous FluidFreePro
Theme Options / Customizer
Customize your site and get it up and running easily from "Theme Options" in your WordPress dashboard.YesYes
Homepage Options
Choose whether to show latest posts from selected category or disable them completely. YesYes
Optimized for both small and large screens, so your users can have a seamless experience No matter what device they are using.YesYes
Options to use menus.Yes (4)Yes (4)
Choose from different layouts, with or without sidebars.Yes (3)Yes (5)
Excerpt Layout OptionNoYes
Breadcrumb Options: A neat utility that presents the user with the information on where they have navigated and how to conveniently return to a page they visited before.YesYes
Add additional contents and features to your sidebars (widget areas).Yes Yes
Sidebars (Widgets Areas)
Additional area for displaying information other than the main content of your webpage.Yes (5)Yes (26)
Custom Logo
Upload your own logo as the header, or hide this section altogether.YesYes
Site title & tagline
Choose to show or hide the site title and tagline by customizing “Site Identity”YesYes
Change the placement of your site title, either before, or after your logo image.NoYes
Favicon (Site Icon)
Change the favicon, or choose to disable it altogether.YesYes
Web Clip Icon
Upload a specific icon to represent your website elsewhere on the web.YesYes
Background Image
Upload a custom background image for your website.YesYes
Color Options
Choose from two color scheme options, and choose header text and background colors.NoYes
Choose custom colors for all areas of the site using the color picker, including header and footer areas (background, title, text, menus and links)NoYes
Custom CSS : Add your own CSS to customize your site even further.YesYes
Custom Fonts
In-built library of various regular and custom fonts. Choose custom fonts for all areas of your site. New fonts added regularly.NoYes
Font Sizes
Customize font sizes in all areas of your website. If it is not quite to your liking, reset to default and start again.NoYes
Search Text: Change the default text displayed in your search bar, or change what your search button says.YesYes
Content Options
Home Page
Categorize your posts, and have them show up in relevant pages under your home page.YesYes
E nable/disable content(posts and primary sidebar) on homepageNoYes
Promotional Headline
Set a promotional headline to grab your readers' attention.YesYes
Featured Sliders
Highlight your featured posts in a slider.YesYes(4)
Featured Page Slider
Highlight the best pages on your site through this option to curate featured pages.YesYes
Featured Post Slider
Use sliders to display the best posts in your website. No Yes
Featured Image Slider
Create a slider of featured images to easily tell a visual story.NoYes
Featured Category Slider
Highlight content from a certain category in a slider.NoYes
Choose the length of your excerpts, and change the “More” tag to anything you want.YesYes
Choose whether to display excerpts of your content, or the full content.YesYes
Additional archive Content Layout OptionsYes (2)Yes (4)
Choose the length of your excerpts, and change the “Read More” tag to anything you want.YesYes
Option to disable default scrolling if you want.YesYes
Infinite Scrolling
Option to keep scrolling down for more content instead of jumping to another page.Yes Yes
Feed Redirect
Add your own news feed URL to your website. (Note: This feature may be removed in future updates because of changes to WordPress.org theme policies)NoYes
Header & Footer
Header Options
Add social icons or other widgets to your site's header right area, or hide this area altogether.NoYes
Footer Text
Delete the Catch Themes credit in your site’s footer.NoYes
Social Links
Create links to all your favorite social channels. Choose from 33 different social links.YesYes
Custom Social Icons
Customize your site even further! Change colors and choose where to keep them. NoYes
Translation-Ready (WPML)
Need your website in another language too? No problem. The theme comes with WPML integration, meaning your site can be translated into another language easily.NoYes
E-Commerce Ready (WooCommerce)
Integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce so you can sell anything you want, right from your WordPress site.NoYes
Ad Management
Comes with a widget for managing advertisement on your e-commerce site. NoYes
Clean, Secure Code
Our code is secure and optimized. We do proper data validation and sanitization, and follow core theme guidelines. YesYes
Comprehensive and complete documentation, including how-tos, tips, and tricks to get you up and running with your theme.NoYes
Support Center
Professional and friendly support in our Support Forum in case you get stuck with setup or need help with a feature.NoYes
Hire a Customizer
If you need extensive customization, you will have the option to hire our customizer to make your site even more tailored.NoYes
Frequent Updates
As things change, we will offer updates to your theme. Notifications of a new release will appear right in your account page. All updates are free, for lifetime.NoYes

Fabulous Fluid is, in its entirety, worth considering when looking for a theme for your magazine, travel and photography website needs. It offers a wide variety of options and is sure to fit your needs if you require a flexible, user-friendly and super easy working interface. If you’re searching for  a perfect WordPress theme for Travel & Magazines, Fabulous Fluid will surely conclude it.

You can check the free and pro versions along with their live preview.

Your criticisms and suggestions are much welcomed. Please feel free to leave us a comment by filling up the form below.

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