Catch Themes: We Are Celebrating Our 4th Anniversary!

Four years ago Catch Themes was conceived by Sakin Shrestha and today, it is a leading WordPress theme and plugin development company of Nepal, with loyal customers from all over the globe.

We want to take this chance to thank everyone who has helped Catch Themes grow in any way. You already have been using our products, feeding our blog, or are our loyal Twitter follower and a fan of us in Facebook. We would not be celebrating our 4th anniversary without your support that’s for sure.

Who We Are

Catch Themes was born in 2012 when Sakin was trying to make a website of his own, He downloaded the default WordPress theme: “Twenty Eleven“. However, it didn’t have enough functionality for his purposes, so he made some alterations — he added some sliders, boxes, and menus, and got it ready for his site. Since he had created a new theme, he figured he would add it to the themes library. He called it Catch Box, created the name Catch Themes for the submission, and submitted the theme to Catch Themes in

On the day the theme went live in Catch Themes in theme repository, it was downloaded over 500 times, and the number of downloads kept going up every day. The theme became so successful that it was one of the top-5 themes on WordPress at one point. Having his theme become one of the top 5 Themes on gave Sakin the push that he needed to start product development. He made another theme, Simple Catch, from scratch, and Catch Themes started accepting donations. Eventually, he created Catch Box Pro and Simple Catch Pro on 21st Sept 2012, and Catch Themes was officially in business.

Catch Themes in Numbers

Catch Themes now has 30 premium WordPress themes, 27 free WordPress themes, and 4 free WordPress plugins available. Our themes are highly customizable, easy to deploy, secure, and come packaged with effective support. The free themes have been downloaded over 2.6 million times, and we have around 12,000 paid users of our premium themes.

New Themes Launch!

Marking our 4th birthday, we’re launching two brand new themes in Catch Themes – Lucida and Helena. Lucida comes in two variations: Lucida Free & Lucida Pro.

Lucida Pro, the WordPress Theme for Magazine and Blogs represents simplicity and clarity
Lucida Pro, the WordPress Theme for Magazine and Blogs represents simplicity and clarity

Lucida, the new WordPress Theme for Magazine and Blogs represents simplicity and clarity. Lucida is completely responsive and minimalistic, all you need for magazine and blog websites. It is clean, super user-friendly and built using the HTML 5 and CSS 3 codes, it is so stress-free to maneuver around that your clients will be fully satisfied with your website’s utility. Take control of everything in your site, from placements to font colors. Its vast range of features make it adept to be used in almost any site. With Lucida, create an individual online presence and build your clientele. Lucida takes care of everything.

Helena Pro, is a WordPress theme for bloggers who are looking to create a strong social media presence.
Helena Pro, is a WordPress theme for bloggers who are looking to create a strong social media presence.

Similarly, Helena comes in Helena Free & Helena Pro.

We bring Helena for the ever evolving world of Business corporates. As elegant as its name, it showcases your business in the best possible outlook. Helena is a clean, minimal and responsive, an all-in-one kind of a theme built using HTML 5 and CSS 3 codes. Get stress-free maneuvering, keep your website spic and span and accentuate your best features with Helena. Create your own distinctive place in the online arena.

Anniversary Special Discounts!

Furthermore, to celebrate this special day, we’re offering 20% Flat Discount on all of our premium WordPress themes.  Please use the Coupon Code catchthemes#special at the checkout page.

It is Catch Theme’s way to say thank you for the support we’ve received over the last 4 years! Whether you are long-time user of our products, or just a casual visitor, we’re really proud that you stop in and use our products. And regardless of who you are, we hope that we can continue to provide value and service to you for many more years to come!

On behalf of the whole team, thank you all!


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