Here’s How We Celebrated our 4th Anniversary!

The date of 21st September 2016 on the calendar marked our 4th Anniversary. Catch Themes has grown so much since its inception. We have a tightly-knit team of professionals who all work together to bring to our clients the best-in-class service. All of us have grown a lot in these years and the occasion sure called for a celebration.

On the anniversary day, the Catch Team had small evening gathering at Sakin Shrestha’s residence in Bhainsepati. A dinner followed by a cake cutting ceremony. It was very informal and we played cards and jested around.

The next day, 22nd of September, Catch Themes gave a 4th Anniversary treat to the managers of
Acclaim Technology. We’ve also completed a year of entering into Acclaim Technology. The program was again held at Sakin Shrestha’s residence. We discussed our company views and prospective ideas for our upcoming endeavors. We’ve had a fruitful year so far with all the companies working together and hope for better growth and more successes coming our way.

One quick after-office party just didn’t seem enough and on the 24th of September, as another way to commemorate our 4th Anniversary, we went on a weekend vacation to Green Valley Resort in Shivapuri National Park. The resort was a perfect place for a weekend getaway, so close to the city yet so close to nature. The ambience of the place itself was very relaxing. In the evening, we gathered around a campfire in the garden and simply talked enjoying the company of the team and the food and drinks. The next day we did an easy hike to Bishnudwar – the source of Bishnumati River, where a small worship area lay inside a cave. All of the team members had an amazing time and the trip also provided us with an incredible opportunity to share gratitude with one another.

We embark on a new avenue with each passing year and take it as an opportunity to look back at our successes, hard work and perseverance. We take each occasion as a reason to celebrate and improve ourselves even more. We are grateful to all of you who have continually supported us and take this chance to thank our valued customers and well-wishers. Catch Themes will continue to grow and give of our best to provide you even more quality service.

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