Our Latest Addition: Catch Vogue Pro – Our New Multipurpose Fashion WordPress Theme

The word “Fashion” instantly make us think of new trends including clothes, accessories, designs and more. There are thousands of people who’re currently involved in the fashion world and are building their career. If you’re running your business in the fashion world, it is very important that you have your own fashion blog or a website where you can brag about your fashion. Your website should not only be visually attractive, but it should also be responsive and have important functionalities. While choosing a fashion theme for your blog, you need to be very cautious and check if you have all the features to mix and match in order to create your outstanding fashion blog with a touch of your own uniqueness in it. Keeping all these things in mind, we’re very pleased to bring you our latest addition, a multipurpose fashion WordPress theme, Catch Vogue Pro.

Catch Vogue Pro – A Multipurpose Fashion WordPress Theme

Catch Vogue Pro is a beautiful and stylish, fashion-minded and aesthetically conscious multipurpose fashion WordPress theme for fashion blogs and websites. The theme is perfect for fashion bloggers and street style fashion freaks. It provides features that will help you create and maintain modern fashion blogs that are exceptionally expressive and engaging. Even though it has been specially crafted for fashion websites, Catch Vogue Pro is well-suited for creating websites of any kind. With great, flexible customization options and shortcodes at your fingertips, you’re not required to have any coding knowledge. Anyone who’s into fashion can create their own lavish online presence with our new multipurpose fashion WordPress theme.

Catch Vogue Pro is a trendy and malleable multipurpose WordPress theme with an abundance of reasonable modern features integrated into it. Some of the cool features you would find in Catch Vogue Pro are featured slider, header media, featured content, hero content, skills, portfolio, why choose us, stats, gallery, services, promotion headline, WooCommerce, promotion sale, pricing, testimonials, team, reservation, recent blog, newsletter, logo slider, contact info, and more. Anything you want to add on your fashion blog, Catch Vogue Pro has it. It is also wholly customizable and you can quickly and effortlessly set up your fashion blog with one-click demo install feature.

Now, let’s have a detailed look at the features provided in Catch Vogue Pro.

Major Features in Catch Vogue Pro


In the fashion world, your skills are what make you unique and stand out among others. Let the whole world know about your skills and abilities through our Skills section in Catch Vogue Pro. You can display as many skills and abilities as you want on the Front page or the entire website. Also, you can display how good you are at certain skills via percentage option.

Why Choose Us

The name says it all; the ‘Why Choose Us’ section is another way in which you can convince your visitors to go for your business. You can select the content type to display in the section—post, page, category, or custom. You can add your Main Image, Headline, Sub headline, choose the number of items to display, and more in this section. It is a very important section as this is where you need to give your visitors strong reasons as to why you’re the best and they should choose you.


The Stats section allows you to display your strengths to your visitors “in numbers”. Your first-time visitors are likely to build trust in you and your fashion business only after knowing that you’re excellent at what you do, what you deliver and your services are of a top-notch. And, in order to showcase the achievements of your business, the Stats section serves you well. You can display your website statistics in up to 4 columns, add headline and sub-headline. There are also a few other customization options for you to try out.


The Gallery feature allows you to display exciting galleries filled with exotic photographs on your website. You can enable the Gallery option either on the Homepage or the entire website. You have the option to choose the Gallery Type—Post, Page, or Category. Choose the type you want and showcase your glamorous photographs to the world at large.


Every website, no matter what kind wants people to know about the services they provide. With Catch Vogue Pro, you can now place the services you provide right on the spotlight. Choose to display the services in up to 4 columns. Display the services on the homepage only or on the entire website. Speak your services out loud!

Promotion Headline

Catch Vogue Pro provides the promotion headline feature which will help you grab your visitors’ attention quickly. This feature allows you to promote anything you want from post, page, category, or custom. You can also choose the content position as to where you want your promotion headline to be displayed along with the text alignment. This feature is specially created to promote your contents or products that are more important at the time.


Catch Vogue Pro has WooCommerce integrated so you can use it as an ecommerce platform should you want to sell anything from your website. Create your own WooCommerce marketplace in no time and start shipping out your merchandise.

Promotion Sale

Running a fashion blog isn’t easy. You need to engage as many visitors as possible to reach the top. And providing your products on sale is one of the effective ways to grab a visitor’s attention. Therefore, it is considered to be an important section to grow user engagement on your fashion blog. There’s a bunch of customization options to tweak. So, if you’ve got any products that you want to provide on sale for your audience, take full advantage of the Promotion Sale section and display them elegantly.


Pricing is a crucial feature to have on your website if you’re trying to sell products through your website in various packages. Not only for you, but your visitors will also find the feature very handy since they would not have to confuse themselves trying to know the prices of certain packages. You can display the pricing in up to 4 columns, enter headline, sub headline, select the number of items to display, and more in this section. Also, choose your content type from post, page, category, or custom.


Our new multipurpose fashion WordPress theme, Catch Vogue Pro allows you to display your team members in an informative and elegant manner. You can showcase your members in 1 to 4 columns with Headline and Sub headline for the section. You can select your content type (post, page, custom, or categories) as well. Team – A great way to appreciate the efforts of your team members!


The Reservation option includes two choices –Reservation Info (Left Section) and Reservation Form (Right Section) that you can enable. You can enable the Reservation Information and Form either on the Homepage/Frontpage or on the entire website. On the Reservation Info option, it allows you to add your description title and sub-title, weekday/weekend titles along with a description, and your contact number. On the Reservation Form option, you can enter a form that you want your customers to fill up in order to reserve a seat.

Contact Info

Catch Vogue Pro provides you the option to display your fashion business information with the Contact Info section. You can display your contact information on the entire site or on the Homepage/Frontpage of your website. You can add a fitting title with a short description. The Contact Info option allows you to add your email address, contact number, and your address along with a map to display on your website.

Sections Sorter

Sections Sorter allows you to organize various sections on your website by manually sorting them. You can now rearrange and put forward the section that you want your visitors to see first. Simply drag and drop the sections to your desired position and display them orderly. Also, another cool feature in this option is that you can not only rearrange the order but also can quickly edit those sections from Sections Sorter option if you want any changes.

WordPress Standard Codes

Our code is secure and optimized. We do proper data validation and sanitization and follow core theme guidelines. Our developers are active contributors to WordPress theme review and WordPress core. Our themes will always be updated as things change in WordPress. Advanced SEO support has been integrated into Catch Vogue Pro—multipurpose fashion WordPress theme. This allows managing page’s meta-data and heading tags. This is important because SEO optimized pages can help you and other viewers find your site easier on the web.

Incredible Support

Our support team is well-informed and provide extensive support documentation. For a multipurpose fashion WordPress theme, our theme documentation answers most questions about using the theme. If you are still having difficulties, you can post in our “Support” forum, and a member of our team will get back to you shortly. You can also hire our theme customization for advanced customization of your theme.

All in all, Catch Vogue Pro is a feature-pack multipurpose fashion WordPress theme for fashion freaks. Its design is modern and enticing, capable of attracting those who share the same passion regarding fashion. With an intuitive, influential, sleek and carefully designed interface and convenient theme options, you can instantly create a clean fashion website with our Catch Vogue Pro theme. All of the amazing features packed in Catch Vogue Pro make it a powerful, all-inclusive solution for webmasters seeking to establish attractive and engaging fashion blogs that are user friendly, legible and fresh.

The real fashion aficionado might know how important (also difficult at the same time) it is to keep yourself and your fashion blog updated with the latest trends. After all, it is a fashion blog; and fashion relates directly to the latest trends. So, make your fashion blog visually aesthetic, sophisticated and grow your audience with Catch Vogue Pro.

Catch Vogue Pro – A very stylish, elegant and unique theme that helps your fashion content stand out!

Buy Catch Vogue Pro today and make your fashion blog unique, bold, expressive, and the one to remember!

Get the live preview of Catch Vogue Pro here. We also have a free version of this theme. Check out Mode here.

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