Catch Corporate Pro – A Premium Multipurpose Corporate WordPress Theme

Does your corporation or any business need a website? Here is our recent release, Catch Corporate Pro, a premium multipurpose corporate WordPress theme for you that is perfect for all types of businesses!

Catch Corporate -Corporate WordPress Theme Main

If you are setting up a new business or want to grow your current one, then your online presence is key. In this digital era, with the increasing number of online businesses, many people search for their related jobs online. So, it is very important to have a website that expands the reach of your business to a global scale. For that, you will need a professional Corporate WordPress theme. This will help to build a trusting relationship with your customers and boost the conversion rate.

Catch Corporate Pro – Premium Corporate WordPress Theme

Catch Corporate Pro is a fully responsive premium Corporate WordPress theme that is beautifully crafted for all types of businesses. This theme comes with a minimal and engaging design that brings out the best in your business. The theme is a multipurpose corporate WordPress theme that is ideal for building a wide range of websites like corporate, eCommerce, portfolio, blogs, and many more. With the one-click demo style, it is easier to set up the website perfectly. It is power-packed with all the features that are required to promote and run your business successfully.

Catch Corporate -Corporate WordPress Theme Features

Catch Corporate Pro includes amazing sets of features and sections. Some of them are Comment Options, Featured Content, Featured Slider, Hero Content, Layout Options, Menu Options, Logo Slider, Pagination Options, Product Highlight, Product Review, Promotion Contact, Promotion Headline, Search Options, Section Sorter, Services, Stats, Testimonials, WooCommerce Product Showcase, and many more. The theme is WPML compatibility which makes it easier to reach out the audience around the globe. All the available sections are fully customizable, responsive, and easy to use.

Buy Catch Corporate Pro today and build a stunning corporate website.

Major Features in Catch Corporate Pro

Therefore, some of the major features of Catch Corporate Pro are:

Featured Content

Catch Corporate Pro Featured Content

The Featured Content section in this Corporate WordPress theme allows you to display the most interesting or most important custom post types for your audience. Also, you can display up to 20 featured content on your website.

Featured Slider

Catch Corporate -Corporate WordPress Theme Featured Slider

The Featured Slider section helps you to display the featured pages. If you have pages that are interesting and want your audience to visit them, you can add a quick slide and display them on the Featured Slider section.

Hero Content

Catch Corporate -Corporate WordPress Theme Hero Content

The Hero Content section in Catch Corporate is to highlight the important content of your site. This way you can drive sales or build brand awareness around a big event.

Logo Slider

Catch Corporate -Corporate WordPress Theme Logo Slider

Catch Corporate Pro comes with a Logo Slider feature. This feature lets you display the different logos in a slideshow on your business website perfectly. You can easily showcase the logo slideshow in 1-5 columns either on the homepage or the entire website. You can choose the transition time and length for your logo slider. Also, you can choose the transition timeout, type, and no. of items the way you like.

Product Highlight

Catch Corporate -Corporate WordPress Theme Product Highlight

Another outstanding section of Catch Corporate is the Product Highlight. In this section, you can highlight the products that you want. You can easily add as many different products as you wish and display them beautifully in an eye catchy way. To activate this section, you need to install the WooCommerce plugin.


Catch Corporate -Corporate WordPress Theme Portfolio

In this Corporate WordPress theme, you can find Portfolio section that lets you display your experience and accomplishments to the world through images. Likewise, you can add as many portfolio images as you wish in the Portfolio section.

Products Review

Catch Corporate -Corporate WordPress Theme Products Review

This Product Review section allows you to display your customer’s reviews on your products. This way you can display the reviews and sort the reviews based on the product’s rating (either highest to lowest or lowest to highest) or newest/ oldest. And here you can display the product reviews in 1 or 2 columns. In order to enable this section, first you need to install and activate the WooCommerce WordPress plugin.

Promotional Contact

Catch Corporate -Corporate WordPress Theme Promotion Contact

In this Promotional Contact section, you can easily grab your visitor’s attention. And add short notice or contact info to your visitors with the Promotion Contact section quickly. Also, easily add a responsive button and link it to the respective page.

Promotion Headline

Catch Corporate -Corporate WordPress Theme Promotion Headline

This Corporate WordPress theme provides a promotion headline feature that is perfect to impress visitors. So, you can promote anything that you like from post, page, category, or custom. And with the text alignment. You can choose the content position. This helps to promote your products that are more important.


Catch Corporate Pro Services

This Services feature lets you display the services that you provide either on the Homepage or the entire website in up to 4 columns. And select the content type the way you want to display it. The Button Text and Button Link are also editable so display them according to your preference.


Catch Corporate Pro Testimonials

The Testimonials section allows you to display genuine customer testimonials on your site. Also, it helps your new visitors to build trust in you. Display up to 20 Customer Testimonials in the Testimonials section.

WooCommerce Product Showcase

Catch Corporate -Corporate WordPress Theme WooCommerce Product Showcase

So, this is another amazing eCommerce feature in this Corporate WordPress theme is the WooCommerce Products Showcase section. This section allows you to feature your most important products or the products you want your visitors to see at any cost. You can display your products in up to 4 columns and filter your products.

One-Click Corporate WordPress Theme Demo in Catch Corporate Pro

Catch Corporate -Corporate WordPress Theme Demo

Catch Corporate Pro comes with a ready-to-import, one-click Corporate demo for business websites. This Corporate WordPress Theme demo includes all the top-notch features that are available in the theme.

You can import the Catch Corporate Pro Demo and apply it to your site with a single click. You can install and activate the Catch Themes Demo Import Plugin to import the demo.


To conclude, Catch Corporate Pro is the ultimate Corporate WordPress theme that will help you to build a professional-looking corporate website. This  Corporate theme is perfect for all kinds of websites. Plus, you can fully customize our fonts, sizes, color, spacing, and more on your theme to design your site beautifully. Whatever you need to make your business site strong and bold, Catch Corporate Pro has it all to take it to the next level. It includes easy to use theme options panel, so customize your site the way you like.

Buy Catch Corporate Pro today and start building your business profile. Also, we also have a free version of this Corporate WordPress theme, Catch Corporate Free. You can download the free theme first to have a sneak peek at the theme.

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