Advertisement Option Added in Catch Infinite Scroll Pro Plugin

Catch Infinite Scroll Pro – an infinite scrolling WordPress plugin now comes with Advertisement Option!

Here at Catch Themes, we emphasize on making our visitors happy and satisfied with our products by providing essential features to them. And this time, we’re very happy to announce that Catch Infinite Scroll Pro now includes a new feature—Advertisement Option.

Catch Infinite Scroll Pro is a premium WordPress plugin for infinite scrolling that loads other content as you scroll down the page. Or you can also add a ‘Load More’ button as well. The plugin works out of the box for you; however, you will still be able to customize some of the crucial areas of the plugin. The plugin is extremely lightweight, comes with unlimited color options and many other crucial features. And the newly added advertisement option adds more flavor to the plugin, making it more functional and convenient.

With the added advertisement option in Catch Infinite Scroll Pro plugin, you will now be able to display ads on your website without any difficulty.

You will be able to display 1 to 5 different advertisements on your website and you can choose the advertisement type as well. In the advertisement type option, you can either choose the ‘Image’ option where you will have to upload an image or the ‘Code’ option where you will have to enter the advertisement code to display the ads.

Also, you can add links to your advertisements and choose to open the link in new tab/window as well.

With all of these features available in Advertisement Option, displaying ads on your website is an easy-peasy task.

So, update to the latest version of Catch Infinite Scroll Pro plugin right always and display your advertisements effortlessly!

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