Catch Infinite Scroll Pro

Catch Infinite Scroll Pro is a premium infinite scrolling WordPress plugin that allows you to add the magic of infinite scrolling on your website. The plugin is inspired by Jetpack’s Infinite Scroll. It will help in increasing the user engagement on your WordPress site. Catch Infinite Scroll Pro is extremely lightweight and supports all the themes in WordPress. It includes the most crucial features—choosing between ‘Click’ or ‘Scroll’ to load more content, add a custom image, the load more text, finish text, color options, font family options, and custom font size—that you expect from a decent infinite scrolling WordPress plugin. The plugin will load content automatically as you scroll down the page or you can also add a “Load More” button to load more content. Catch Infinite Scroll Pro has it all to keep your users engaged on your website. Keep scrolling with the new infinite scrolling WordPress plugin “Catch Infinite Scroll Pro!”

Amazing Features

Infinite Scroll

One of the most amazing features that Catch Infinite Scroll carries is the infinite scrolling feature. If you want to engage your users to your content, then infinite scrolling is the best option to go for. With the feature enabled, the content will load automatically as the user reaches the end of a page.

Load More

Catch Infinite Scroll plugin provides you with the “Load More” button. In case you don’t want to use the infinite scrolling feature, you can add this button. All you have to do is click the button and it will automatically load more content on your website.

Color Options

Catch Infinite Scroll Pro provides you with seven different areas to customize with your favorite colors. You can choose your Finish Text color, Load More Text color, Load More Hover Text color, Load More Button color, Load More Hover Button color, Load More Border color, and Load More Hover Border color from unlimited color options.

Font Family Options

With Catch Infinite Scroll Pro, you can choose different types of stylish and engaging fonts for your Finish Text and for your Load More Text. Choose the font that suits best for your website from the font family options and make your website more engaging.

Font Size Options

With Catch Infinite Scroll Pro, you can choose font size for your Finish Text and Load More Text in both mobile and desktop version.

Border Radius

With Catch Infinite Scroll Pro, you no longer need to know custom css to add border radius to your load more button.

Border Width

With Catch Infinite Scroll Pro, you no longer need to know custom css to increase or remove border size to your load more button.

Free Vs Pro (Premium)

Free Features Pro (Premium)
Super Easy Setup
Custom Loading Image
Custom Finish Text
Color Options
Font Family Option
Font Size Option
Supports all themes
Smooth and Uninterrupted reading experience

Catch Infinite Scroll Pro